Friday, September 01, 2006

A flashback

My nearly 2 yr. old son is trodding about the family room wearing his dad's size 12 Adidas tennis shoes. The tongue of the shoe comes up mid-shin on my son. He's also putting his arm down the hole of a thermal, non-skid, slipper sock. He's sucking on the other hand's thumb.

I'm having a moment.

God, I remember the pain of his birth. I had an epidural, but for some reason it didn't work. That Indian anesthesiologist was clueless. I didn't cry from the pain, nor did I scream, but I certainly was vocal and had to force myself to focus on breathing and relaxing. Of course, that didn't help alleviate anything, but it was something to pass the time.

It only lasted a half hour, maybe an hour tops. They turned the lights down during the birth, except for the big spotlight illuminating everything private. That kid's head was ginormous. Most of the pushing was to get his big ol' head out. As soon as I'd accomplished that, everything felt different.

Euphoria. That's what it was. I was swooning, the pain was GONE, and we had our little boy in our lives. He was smushy faced and chubby. My daughter was brought back into the room, and she developed the bond with him right then. She held him and loved him and was SO sweet.

Here's a pic capturing those moments, and who the H cares if I look crappy. I just gave birth! :)


Sister Mary Lisa said...

I would love to meet you in person in SLC! Unfortunately we are booked solid with family stuff. If we are too tired to keep driving tonite we may actually stop somewhere and move on tomorrow. Saturday we are booked with family stuff, and Sunday LAGOON, BABY! Then Monday first thing we're heading back. It sucks doing a trip that quick! But next time we go down for any length of time longer I'll hope to make time to meet!! Sounds so fun.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Oh, that's so sweet! You do NOT look like crap. I think I look worse than that in my BEST pictures. Sigh.

I love how you described your son in his dad's shoes. I can so picture him.

My husband says that when I was giving birth to my 9lb 5oz daughter without any drugs that I said, "This fucking hurts!" three times. I don't remember that.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Then again, it may be fun to meet up and egg my friend's house - you know, the one who ratted me out to the RS pres on my behalf? Oh, crap, too much family stuff. But I'll be thinking of it! You bet I'll be thinking of it.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Could I post any more comments on this one post??? Cut me off already!

Bishop Rick said...


Do you have time to meet with anyone in SLC? Could you please comment :)


Arizona Expositor said...

Birthing is such a great thing when it's over, but going through it sucks. I recall the moment my daughter's head came out, I was her's at that moment. I get emotional thinking of it.

Great picture of the family.

Rebecca said...

What the HECK! This is the best I-just-gave-birth picture I have EVER seen! You've exposed the truth - now we all know you sold your soul to the devil.

La said...

*slipping Rebecca and Lisa $50*

Please. That old thing? Circus tent hospital gown... I just "slipped into something more comfortable" for the delivery.


Just one of many said...

You look fabulous!! My Indian anesthesiologist, put me under for my c-section and forgot to turn on the O2. Nearly suffocated!! My husband was pissed!! He is usually the one doing that sort of thing!!
La, you didn't look like you had a baby!! My last one was 9 10 and I still looked 6 months prego when I left the hospital!! You are a HOTTIE!!

C.L. Hanson said...

I know how you feel -- my babies were huge with ginormous heads too!!!

The first one came out with forceps. It didn't hurt at the time because fortunately the epidural worked for me, but woah nellie did it hurt like a mofo the next day!!!

Here's a pic from just before the drugs saving me from intense pain wore off.

La said...

CHANSON!!! That's the cutest picture EVER. I mean, it's cute enough that it almost, almost makes me want to have another rugrat. You're eyes are loving and adoring. Aww... I'm feeling all gushy inside! :)