Friday, September 29, 2006

Things To Do On a Friday Night: The Sequel

I've had 4, FOUR, separate hits tonight of people who googled the words "what to do on a friday night". I figure it's my duty to help these poor, bored souls out... These have all been tried and tested by ME!

*Take a friend and stuff them into the trunk of your car. Do it in a highly conspicuous area, and make sure their hands/feet are hog-tied, and there's sufficient duct tape on their mouth. Make sure other people see your struggle. Drive away laughing your guts out and yelling "You better shut it back there!!"

*Take rolls and rolls of butcher paper up to your local mountain/hill and use it to spell the initial of your preferred college. Anchor it down with rocks or else it'll blow away.

*Dumpster Diving. 'Nuff said.

*Skinny dipping, hiking, or possibly streaking, though make sure you don't get arrested.

*Billboard dancing. Climb up on the billboard of your choice and dance away. This might possibly get you arrested too, so be careful.

*Drive to somewhere with legalized gambling. Here in UT we'd go to Wendover, NV or Mesquite, NV. Don't take any money. Hit on the hottest guy you've ever known, and spend the night in his hotel room with him. Remember his name and his Armani suit 10+ years later. *sigh*

*Hop fences into peoples back yards and use their hot tubs. Although, now as a homeowner with a hot tub, I'd kick your ass if you hopped my fence. So beware and be quiet.

*Sneak into movies.

*Get hypnotized on stage by a comedian. Make ass of self.

*Karaoke. Any time, anywhere, anybody. Ah, sweet karaoke. My friend.

Ok well if you haven't figured out something to do by now, I don't think I can help you much. Take special note here: none of these things involve alcohol, and most of them will get you into trouble. Be well...go forth...


Anonymous said...

Well, funny you should mention it... but we went to a wine tasting party tonight. About 20 something people in attendance. All had a great time. Mostly people who work in the radio industry in our town and a few "burners".

Burners are always tight no matter what. It;s kinda like a special understanding, knowledge and experience in a very special place that we all share.

Anyway.... Ya.... I did a little streaking from the back yard, across the green of the 9th hole of the golf course (about 80 yards away) and back. Good times. Silliness. Totally appropriate for a Friday night. Right??

My wife thought it was silly. I thought she was a prude for not joining me since she was laying on a nude beach with me all day yesterday and never gives it a second thought.

Funny how just one other person in a crowd can change the vibe of good fun. One woman was maybe (not for sure) slightly uneasy about it. But, she was hitting on the Hookah pipe (only tobacco folks).

My comment was that what I did was FAR more innocent and less damaging to all that hitting on the Hookah.

Yes, we all have our biases, don't we.

No drama really, just a REALLY fun evening and maybe a learning experience for one women who may have forgotten what it's like to run free and feel the grass under your feet. ;-)

Have a great weekend !!


Take care,


montchan said...

great ideas! Just remember that the first one is even more effective if you wear a ski mask.

Have a great weekend!

Rebecca said...

I LOVE the first one. It's my favorite EVER. And, um, HELLO!!! What is this about an Armani-wearing man?

La said...

Ross, 2 questions:

Where is there a naked beach around Tahoe? I'm gonna need that knowledge in my brain.

Hookah PLUS streaking sounds like a grand time. You guys coming to the Halloween party at Brandon's?

Monchan: GREAT idea about the ski mask... Sounds like you and me could have some fun! :)

Rebecca: That's a blog for another time, perhaps. *sigh* but thanks for getting me thinking about him again.

Anonymous said...

Hookah ain't my thang, but others seem to have a good time. (remember it was just flavored tobaccy folks) I think it was apple flavored and coconut. Christine really liked a couple hits on the coconut.

I kept busy with the blind wine tasting. 14 bottles all wrapped in brown bags. A wine called 5 Rivers from the Paso Robles area of CA won the evening. My favorite was a Zin from the California foothills called Lava Cap.

About the beach at Tahoe.... Hmmm... it really is a special spot and something that once experienced would NEVER leave your brain...or your heart for that matter.

Just one catch. It's a secret we only share with those that *visit* us. But, we could send a picture sometime.... without any of the local inhabitants in the pic of course. Just a beautiful scene of crystal clear sapphire and emerald colored waters. Pine, cedar and spruce scented air with just a hint of sage. The perfect sand under your feet. You know... the kind that is super soft, but not so fine that it sticks to your skin. Beautiful deep blue mountain skies with just a wisp of a cloud here and there. A glass of your favorite "adult beverage" whatever that might be, and wonderful people just hanging out enjoying one of the finer gifts of planet earth. Yes it is all rather "celestial" to say the least. Makes me smile just thinking about it. :-)

It might have been are more ideal place to experience what you apparently "attempted" at Yuba. Non sexual bliss and a moment of some kind of communion with the natural world all around you.

It's Christine's birthday today... so I get to spoil her ass. ;-)

Oh... and sorry about the phone. :-( At least Eric works "in the industry" so to speak, so he can lessen the pain somewhat. I mean what is a woman to do without a mechanism in her purse that can vibrate. :-0



Anonymous said...

Truth...such truth. Nothing better than karaoke...or an Armani suit wearing man.

Anna :)