Sunday, September 03, 2006

So far, so so

I survived the weekend, and no one got into any fights. We have one more gathering tomorrow, and with various non-relatives that will be there, I'm pretty sure we'll all be on our best behavior.

Things I learned at my half-brother's baptism:

1) The Holy Ghost's method of communication is equivalent to, or at least comparible to, dropping a nail onto a chalk board tray. If you're making fun of the object lesson with your older sister, you won't be able to hear the Holy Ghost.

2) When you have 2 voices talking to you--one telling you to obey your mother and go inside, and the other telling you to keep playing because it's fun--the one telling you to obey is the Holy Ghost. I thought, at first, that it was fear of beatings by said mother, but I was wrong.

3) The Holy Ghost will help us to choose the right. Without it, we're pretty much incapable of making good decisions.

That's all I learned. I wish I'd paid more attention...


Just one of many said...

Well, listening to the HG is like spinning the roulette wheel. If your decisions turn out to be positive then it was the HG guiding you. If your decisions are less than stellar, damn you should have listened to the HG!! By the way isn't it really weird that this God-Head dude doesn't have a body but holds such a "High calling"!
Glad you survived. Hope all goes well from here on out!!

Rebecca said...

Shoot! I'm going back to church. I'm so glad you posted this, otherwise I might never have realized that I'm completely capable of making BAD decisions on my own, but incapable of making GOOD decisions.