Tuesday, September 05, 2006

D'ya ever get that urge??

You know, the desire to just get up and go. Leave. Choose a random place, or not, and just get lost? It reminds me of that song by Lonestar, called "What About Now". It's about a guy who finds a cheap car for sale, and is imploring his woman (?) to drop everything and just drive with him. No destination.

"Let's take that spin that never ends that we've been talking about"


Maybe someday, huh?


Sister Mary Lisa said...

I get that urge all the time. I love travel, and I love spontaneity. If only my man felt the same way.....

Where would you go if you could go anywhere??


La said...

Jesus, where wouldn't I go?!? :)

If I'm poor, I'd go somewhere like Yellowstone or Northern CA or Oregon. All places with spectacular scenery.

If I'm rich, I'd go to Florida, Southern CA, New York. All places with great shopping. Or I'd go overseas. To Europe.

Ah...I just like to dream! :)

Sister Mary Lisa said...

I hear that!! Where I'd go also depends on if I were taking kids or not. I have tons of places I'd like to visit. Greece, Austria, Italy, France, Norway, Sweden, Hawaii, CA, Seattle, Alaska, New York, East Coast, New England, Florida. You name it, I may want to go there.

Can you imagine what it'd be like to have the money and the means to pull up stakes and just go whenever and whereever you wanted?? Siiiigh.

Anonymous said...

That is the reason why myself and Mrs. AzEx have lived in Phoenix, Dallas, Phoenix, Washington DC, and Phoenix again during our 5.5 years of marriage. My favorite was living right in DC on Capitol Hill. Of course now with a house here in Arizona we are staying put.

As for pleasure travel I want to hit France and Italy and then branch out from there. Maybe Chanson can assist me in France. The other place I want to see is Australia and see the toliets go the other way. Simple things for simple minds.

Anonymous said...

Oh and I want to go skiing in Argentina.

Sideon said...

Oh, that kind of urge. Lemme switch mental stations here :)

No money? I'd pick southern Utah or the various redwood groves along the Western coast.

Money? Europe. Back to Prague. Italy (Florence, especially - I'd be fine not seeing Rome again). Spain - I was there less than 24 hours! Turkey and Istanbul in a heartbeat. Greece, with various islands but definitely a stop at Delphi. On the wish list: ice festival in northern China, Macchu Picchu, Egypt, Thailand, Fiji, Australia.

I may have to sell a kidney to start financing these trips!

Bishop Rick said...

My fantasy trip list:

Greece (stole that one from Sideon)
Anywhere on the Mediteranean


Just one of many said...

Right now, any place my kids aren't!! ugh!! tired of responabilities!!

Just one of many said...

I need spell check in order to comment...that's sad!!

Bishop Rick said...


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