Monday, April 24, 2006

Utah's Beauty

Since leaving the Mormons, I've had to really try to see the good in this community in which I live. If I don't consciously seek beauty, I'll get trapped in the mudpit of Mormon superficiality and its saturation of the culture.

This past Saturday, my husband and I went on a hike with some local exmo friends. We took a trail from Spanish Fork Canyon, and hiked to Fifth Water Hot Springs. The mountains at this time of year are still covered in snow, but there wasn't much on the trail. The river was roaring next to us the whole time, and the smell of sulpher was sometimes too much for me.

When I was hiking (and listening to my MP3 player) and as I looked at the towering trees and peaks around me, I felt worlds apart from the Mormons. I felt free and happy and excited about life. The still small voice--you know, the one that tells you you're not good enough--was nowhere to be found. Because of this, I was reminded of a time long ago when I felt that same feeling. (don't continue to read if you're related to me!) One time, while at girls camp, my friends and I decided to ditch one of the activities and go hiking up the mountain a bit. When we were up there we found a nice green meadow with several big, flat rocks scattered around. We thought it would be fun to go naked-tanning. So we did! No guilt, no shame, just fun. It was so warm! The rocks warmed our backs, and the sun warmed our fronts. That's one of only a handful of times I let myself be so vulnerable, and I was greatly surprised to not get hurt.

Utah is a really beautiful place, and the weather is great here. I need to get out of the valley more, and into the wild!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The "Just Because" Blog

I haven't written in a while. I can't think of anything to say! So I'll reply to a couple of blogs I've read lately.

Sideon, how's that stained glass class going? Have you started? I really loved that piece that you've got pool side.

Rebecca, let's hang.

JLO, I'm really excited for you that you get to be free (at least in part). How's the family?

K bye.

P.S. I will come up with something REALLY good for next time.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Guess where we went (this one's for you sid...)

Today, Sunday, my family and I attended the local UU congregation again. Today it was special because the theme was Our Loving Family. There were 2 pastoral sermons; one talked about his lesbian daughter in Portland, and the other talked about how the bible does NOT say that homosexuality is wrong (loved that one). Then a couple of UU members had a chance to talk too. At the end we got to hear from a group of college-aged students who are visiting 19 colleges across the country (mostly religious or military based schools), and trying to raise awareness that God loves all His children, regardless of sexuality. Here's a like to their website:
Equality Ride
And here's a link to their sponsoring organization:
Soul Force
So for the next couple of days, these kids are going to be visiting the one and only BYU, to create dialogue, if nothing else. It was really fun to hear their stories, and meet people who are active about something they believe in.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Bring Firefly Back!!!

K, after browsing through several random blogs and Myspace sites, I decided I need to voice my love for the TV series Firefly.

If you haven't seen it, go rent it. NOW. Watch all the episodes in order, and then go rent the movie Serenity, which has the same characters in movie form.

We heard that this was an awesome series. Orson Scott Card raved about it on his website, My husband and I sincerely weigh everything OSC says (though we don't always agree), so we decided it was a must-see. Plus it was created by Joss Whedon, who also created the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, which we loved. So it had to be alright.

It was MORE than alright. We absolutely loved it! We fell in love with the characters, and we felt like they were our friends. How sadly pathetic! But it's true. I cried like a baby when it was over. Why, oh, why? It's SO much better than the new Star Trek series, Enterprise, and that show has lasted for what? 3 years now? Grievous!

In fact, since my DH is working tonight, I think I'll pass the time by watching Serenity. Ooh, this night is suddenly looking up...

Sunday, April 02, 2006

The most wonderful day, EVER

Ha! While all those Mormons were sitting in their living rooms (or stake centers, on hard seats) watching the leaders drone on and on, we were out enjoying the be-autiful weather we had today.

We met my sister and her family, along with several friends and their families, at a park in PG. We played tennis, had a picnic, I got to play a little softball, and the kids just loved playing on the playground. There was a nice breeze that kept you from getting too hot. Oh, it was just spectactular!

It's been really cold and rainy here lately, and today was the first in a while where the sun actually stayed out all day. I"ve been SO itching to get outside and do some yard work. Tomorrow thru Wed. we're getting more yucky weather, so today was my one chance to soak up the sun.

And those poor people who weren't able partake of the joy!!! I can't even tell you how sorry I feel for the ones who would PREFER to watch conference than enjoy a great family day together. I know they are out there though.