Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The "Just Because" Blog

I haven't written in a while. I can't think of anything to say! So I'll reply to a couple of blogs I've read lately.

Sideon, how's that stained glass class going? Have you started? I really loved that piece that you've got pool side.

Rebecca, let's hang.

JLO, I'm really excited for you that you get to be free (at least in part). How's the family?

K bye.

P.S. I will come up with something REALLY good for next time.


Joseph's Left One said...

Yeah, it has been a while. I've missed your writing.

The family is doing fine. It's going to be a little rough the next little while with my not going to church, but we'll get through it.

Rebecca said...

Oh yeeeah. Definitely. I'm free just about anytime. No life AT ALL. Which is why I babysit my niece every Saturday night. So I'm just not free then.

Sideon said...

I've missed yours and your hubby's writing! Get on it! :) The writing, I mean!

I start my first stained-glass class tomorrow night! I am so jazzed! It's a five week course, with classes on either Thursday nights or Saturday mornings.

Next time I'm in Utah, I want to meet you guys.

La said...

Are you coming to the exmo conference in Oct?

Me and some friends were talking about going to Burning Man this year. Are you going? That would be wicked fun.


Sideon said...

Morning :) *yawning*

I'm thinking about the exmo thing in October. I went last year. Sort of cathartic. If I went it again, it would be PURELY for the parties - I'm over the "recovery" discussions. Meeting folks from OuterBlogness and the RfM board would be awesome.

Never been to Burning Man - I've avoided going, just out of pure speculation that I'd be over the top and get into trouble.