Sunday, April 09, 2006

Guess where we went (this one's for you sid...)

Today, Sunday, my family and I attended the local UU congregation again. Today it was special because the theme was Our Loving Family. There were 2 pastoral sermons; one talked about his lesbian daughter in Portland, and the other talked about how the bible does NOT say that homosexuality is wrong (loved that one). Then a couple of UU members had a chance to talk too. At the end we got to hear from a group of college-aged students who are visiting 19 colleges across the country (mostly religious or military based schools), and trying to raise awareness that God loves all His children, regardless of sexuality. Here's a like to their website:
Equality Ride
And here's a link to their sponsoring organization:
Soul Force
So for the next couple of days, these kids are going to be visiting the one and only BYU, to create dialogue, if nothing else. It was really fun to hear their stories, and meet people who are active about something they believe in.


Sideon said...


I love stories like this.


Rebecca said...

I was all over campus today, and I didn't see them. I guess I missed a spot. Do you know how long they're going to be there?

Joseph's Left One said...

I'm glad somebody finally took the fight directly to BYU. Sure, they're welcome on campus as long as they don't actually, you know, say anything to anyone.

J. said...

They were arrested. Unfortunately, I have to agree that protesting on a private campus was a bad move.

I agree with their philosophy, but this gives the Morg the clout that they wish to have in suppressing how people should live.