Monday, September 18, 2006

When will the crazies all find an island to go dwell on??

Some people kill their children. Some people kill to get children.

I really cannot say I "don't understand how people can do this". We all manifest Crazy in our own ways, and sometimes hormones (do NOT underestimate them), environment, and other influences make the Crazy take over.

Let's just take, for example, the story of Stephanie Ochsenbine. She was attacked last Friday in Missouri, and her throat was slashed. If and when I ever get my throat slashed, and multiple stab wounds on top of that, I hope I have the presence of mind to walk to my neighbors house for help. But I digress...

Stephanie was just being nice (allegedly) when she invited a strange woman into her home to borrow the phone and use the bathroom. I wonder if the woman looked creepy, and her Crazy was showing through. If you can tell someone has the Crazy, they're far enough gone that they should be avoided at all costs.

Stephanie's infant daughter was abducted. I think that event might've killed me, had I been the victim here. I probably would've finished the throat slashing myself. Did I mention that hormones, especially post-partum, should not be underestimated?

I just feel sad for all the people involved here...


Bishop Rick said...

Good Grief.
One statement in the article said the parents aren't being ruled out as suspects. That's like the black guy in the old south that was found dead with 50 bullet wounds to the head, and the incident being ruled a suicide.


Rebecca said...

And we will call it crrrrRRRRRAAAAZZZYYYY ISLAND!!! And it will have free lollipops and kittens! Only please don't eat the kittens!

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Wow, that's horrible. Truly a nightmare. I've always had a secret fear of kidnapping (someone snatching my kids) and I used to have this one vivid dream as a kid in which these guys dressed in all white overalls (painters?) would snatch me within view of my mom, and as I screamed she'd look at me with a serious face while shaking her head no very slowly. Horrible!