Friday, September 29, 2006

Well, shit...

I love my cell phone. My cute little LG with the rainbow lights. My cute pictures. My cute saved/locked text messages. My cute videos of the baby swan-diving off the couch onto some pillows. And videos of other stuff too *cough* which I won't go into detail about. It's all very precious to me, vain though it may be.

I seriously get panicky when I don't have it. After visiting my brother's house this evening, I realized that I didn't have it. I couldn't go back over there because the kids were in bed. So I had Eric go over there after he got off work. He and my brother looked all around the house for it. They couldn't hear it ringing, and they scoured the place in search of it.

So here's what they found: my cute little rainbow-lighted phone in several pieces on the road in front of his house. Like, irrepairable. Like, gone. I'm physically depressed about this... Time for chemical solace.


Rebecca said...

Oh no! How in the world did that happen? Now you and I need to go cell phone shopping TOGETHER!!! And eat chocolate. Or at least I'll eat chocolate while you...whatever.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Hey, cell phone shopping is a helluva lot less painful than swimsuit shopping. I have to admit. My condolences on your loss, though.

Mom said...

I know how it feels, when mine got picked up by someone and You know that precious little cry I have in the phone of the Baby's first. Was gone to me and all those pics. Oh my Gosh! I'll never get them back. Well I got the phone back okay, but one day gues what? I erased them all. Luckily though , I had emaoled them to my ID and put them in the main computer. Luckily, Dad has his and I sent them to my phone again.

Did you send any to Eric? or to yourself on your home computer?

Sorry, if you didn't I lost some precious moments, myself. Now I send what I DO get to my email address, but haven't gotten any pictures lately.