Sunday, September 10, 2006

Stay By Me

by Annie Lennox
Stay by me
And make the moment last.
Please take these lips
Even if I have been kissed
A million times.
And I don’t care if there is no tomorrow
When I could die here in your arms
Even if the stars have made us blind
We’re blind, we’re blind
So blind in love.
So blind in love.
Sweet darling
Don’t you know
That we’re no different to anyone?
We stumble
We falter
But we’re no different than anyone.
And all the winter snow has melted down
Into a pool of silver water
And we were standing in a thundercloud
Dark as your hair
Dark as your hair.
So blind in love.
So blind in love.


Sister Mary Lisa said...

I like these lyrics. I'm not sure I've ever heard her song, so I may have to find it and hear it. She has an amazing voice.

Thanks for sharing!

La said...

Thanks Lisa! It felt like a good day for this song...

I'm still working through the idea of the blog that you inspired in me. It's about still loving parts of my mormon past. :)

Sister Mary Lisa said...

I know. I've had it in my mind all weekend. But I don't know what I want to say yet. It could be difficult.

Good luck!

Joseph's Left One said...

Very nice, La. I've had a fondness for Ms. Lennox since sometime around 1981. Jeez, I'm old. Thanks for reminding me.

La said...

Ooh, where was I in 1981...

Do you really want to know? :)

You're not old. You only think you are. There's a difference.

Just one of many said...

Want to know first "album" was Blondie and Loverboy!!

Sideon said...

Gorgeous song. I'm swooning.

"Please take these lips
even if I have been kissed
A million times."

All I can say now is: chapstick.

Or that stuff that makes lips kind of puffed and tingly.

Then more kissing.

Bishop Rick said...

I used to listen to the Beach Boys on 8-track.

Okay, I was like 6, but still.


Eric said...


I had an 8-Track until I was 16. And that was because I had a CD and cassette player, and nothing on 8-Track except Grease! (and Beatles)

I have my own song in mind right now. Maybe I should go get on my own blog and write it down.


Sister Mary Lisa said...

My kids love it when I crank up the Eurithmics "These dreams are made of these...Who am I to disagree? I've travelled the world and the Seven Seas...Eeeeveryboooody's lookin' for somethin'"

Maybe we're all just old souls, and not actually OLD. Right???

MattMan said...

Ooo, SML, I love that Eurithmics song. Gets my booty shakin every time!