Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Interview

We didn't think we would survive the trip, I have to admit that much. We had been gone from the house for nearly 2 hours when we remembered that both of us forgot to pack Eric's suit into the car. There were 2 other major crises, but we made it. Thanks to our dear, amazing friend Sideon and to Eric's sweet, generous family, we really were able to enjoy our short trip to the East Bay.

The interview went well, according to Eric. It's for a company that does construction project management in the Bay Area. They are looking for someone who can do most everything, especially brochure writing/marketing. Eric is the type of person who would be able to do ANYTHING and do it well. He just has to be given a chance.

So we're waiting to hear. This is the crappy part, for sure. We both really liked the cities we visited, so it would be great if it works out. We'll be sure to keep y'all posted! :)


Anonymous said...

We hope your family has the opportunity to move on to a new life outside of the Morridor. The bay area is very expensive but it's also loaded with fun things to see and do. We lived in the south bay for 6 years and still visit the bay area nearly every other month.

Best of luck in the coming days and regardless of the outcome, keep trying. The benefits of living in a new, more open culture and environment are numerous and can be overwhelmingly positive.


La said...

Hi Ross!!

Now that just makes me want to move there all the more, if you and and your wife visit the Bay Area that often.

It was so nice meeting you the other day. We would've stopped in on our way through, but we just wanted to get home by that point. Plus, well, I didn't get any contact info from you. So you know. :)

Thanks for the support; it means a lot!


Rebecca said...

I left my heart in San Francisco, high on a hill it calls to me...

Which, if you picture it, is either kind of funny or really gross.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

LOL, of COURSE the suit would be left behind. That's Murphy's Law at its finest.

I'm glad the interview went well. I hope he gets the job, although that would seriously reduce the chance of our meeting in person.:(

I also work in a construction office, and if he does get the job, it'd be nice to see some of what he creates so I can copy ideas and maybe create a great brochure here as well. Then I'd be an uber-excellent employee instead of just an excellent employee. She says as she blogs while at work.


montchan said...

I hope he gets the job. And maybe through the blogosphere some of that shine will rub off and land in the Great White North. My interview is on the 9th. With a woman I publicly humiliated more than once...