Friday, September 15, 2006

My friends are the world's best, just so you know

For only the third time, last night I "came out" about my disaffection for mormonism to a friend. There are several friends that I intentionally avoid telling, for various reasons. I've found that I only tell the ones I trust explicitly.

The friend I told last night I've known since I've had the ability to know. I mean, I was just out of diapers when we started playing together. My early childhood memories almost ALL have her in them in some capacity. When our group of friends sees each other now, we can laugh for hours at the nonsense and havoc we created.

But last night we didn't reminisce much about the old days. Mostly we talked of our own self-discoveries, life, family, and relationships. It was such a grown-up conversation! :) I'm glad that we were able to get to know each other a little better and that we both have a solid interest in the others' peace of mind.


Arizona Expositor said...

I am the first to comment on La's new blog. What no coffee or monkeys today? When I got my coffee at McDonalds this morning, I got Splenda in honor of you or at least the monkeys.

Rebecca said...

You are a grown-up! Lalalalalalala! I don't know if I can be friends with you now. {sigh} Maybe, if we can still watch "Buffy" together.

Really, I think people will often surprise you (the general 'you'). I know a lot of people who really think everyone is going to be nasty, but I haven't had that experience. Maybe I'm just lucky (probably so), but I've found that if I give people the chance to rise to the occasion, they USUALLY do. Yay for people! Yay for coffee! Yay for...other stuff!

Molly The Mormon said...


Shame on you for drinking coffee and having sex with monkeys. I thought you were more spiritual than that.

I thought you and I might have some sort of spiritual connection, but I can see that is not the case.

I will pray for your recovery.

Remembering King Noah,

Molly the Mormon

Sister Mary Lisa said...

That's cool, La. I certainly hope my closest friends within the church are also as open when I tell them. Scary!

Just one of many said...

I live in the "Mission Field" there was no choice about coming out...if you are gone for more than a week you are inactive or have left the glad I'm gone! Jealous of such a good trusting friend, but happy for you!!

Bishop Rick said...

I don't really have any LDS friends. Most of the people I would call friends are either those I grew up with in Virginia (not members) or those I work with (not members mostly).

The neighbors are another thing.


Arizona Expositor said...

Would that connection happen to be spiritual wife Molly? If so then we are really on the same wave length.

A soul, finally free. said...

Well we haven't I'll just say my name is Emily. I thought it would be better if you at least knew my name before I told you my thoughts on things! :) Anyway, I think it is great that you shared this with your friend. Is she a memeber of the church? Well I just try and tell my story to whoever will listen in hopes I would trigger something inside them...I will continue to read more of your blogs.

Molly The Mormon said...


Sorry, I'm saving my pluralism for brother Joseph. Besides, you're in my doghouse right now.


Molly the Mormon