Wednesday, September 13, 2006


MMM... no better way to start the morning than with Hazelnut Creme coffee. Toasty warm, sweetened and creamed.

I think--and this is purely a theory, though it's not based on evidence--that scientists will find a link between Splenda and ebola virus. Or hepatitis. Or poison ivy.

Splenda is too good to be good for me. That's where my theory comes from. It's sort of like the whole red M&M thing back in the 50's. Those little candies, delicious to the taste buds, had cancer-causing ingredients in the red candy coating. So therefore I will die from Splenda.

There are just some things that make life worth getting out of bed every day. Hot coffee in the morning, dragonflies, and hot tubbing on a cool evening, under the stars and full moon (BOTH kinds of full moon!). An early morning cheers to the awesome things in life...


Sister Mary Lisa said...

Here's to the little things that add value to this life!

Rebecca said...

Yeah, I'm way suspicious about bad foods fake-ified into something better for you. Thanks, but I'll take the real sugar and you can have the cancer.

Bishop Rick said...

I heard on a blog that Splenda was derived from an extract taken from post-mortem Monkey placenta.


La said...

Huh. Weird. I heard--right on the package--that it's derived from sugar.

Who knew post-mortum monkey placenta was so sweet? And how can you get a placenta from a dead monkey?

Sideon said...

A little Splenda goes a long way.

Kinda like hugs. Or chapstick. Or lube.


Happy reflections!

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Sideon, we don't wanna know about your lube!! Or DO we?!

BR, what the hell??

mandi said...

Sorry to interrupt, but La I'm gonna have to ask you to realize.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

I read on that Splenda is actually not natural. Meaning it's man-made?

Please don't hate me because I gave in to temptation and googled "splenda made from post mortem monkey placenta." I couldn't help myself.

Bishop Rick said...

Geez, you just can't trust blogs these days for accurate information.

I think the blog name was FAIRLDS or something.


Bishop Rick said...

If you go to this website you will learn that Splenda is derived from Monkey Placenta.

I believe that one of the main ingredients to Splenda is Cystine Amino-petidase)


Bishop Rick said...

SML, says that Splenda is not natural because it is not natural to make a foodstuff out of Monkey Placenta.