Friday, September 08, 2006

Things to do on a Friday Night (no life? read on...)


Check blog stats

Text message friend in NYC who has uber-life.

Put kids to bed and drink with husband, who's blogging from his PDA.

Beg various friends to come over and chill in the hot tub.

Upon rejection from said friends, get in hot tub with husband and fool around.

Think of ways to increase traffic on blog.

Collapse into bed, hoping for a better tomorrow.


Sister Mary Lisa said...

I have no life too...we went to dinner with our 8 year old, but upon eating too much we came home instead of shopping at Costco like we were going to. Are we pathetic? Yes. Do we have no life? Obviously. I blogged for an hour while my husband watched a Busch series Nascar race on TV. Wow.

Fooling around in a hot tub sounds like it's pretty cool!

Happy weekend, you guys.

Rebecca said...

I watched part of this movie called "It's All About Love," or something like that. I was more than halfway through it before it dawned on me that watching the beginning of a movie doesn't mean I've committed to watching the WHOLE THING. With Joaquin Phoenix and Claire Danes you'd think it would NOT be one of the Worst Movies of All Time. And if you think that, you are wrong.

How to increase traffic on your blog: Post on how to make bombs and all that other good stuff that perks up the ears of Big Brother. You get the crazies AND the government! Why does "government" look like it's spelled all wrong? I'm going to start spelling phonetically. I meen fonetickly. Guverment. Huhloosinnayshun.

Rebecca said...

PS - The song "Life in a Nutshell," by Barenaked Ladies, has been skipping merrily through my head ALL DAY, and at this point I want to break its smugly happy little skipping legs.

Mom said...

WELCOME to OL' Married life!!!!
Just wait until ol' Dad falls asleep in the recliner with his finger on the remote snoring away and still changing the station when the commercials come on. Damn!
I was just getting interested in that program! Time for a sneak attack!

Arizona Expositor said...

Lets see Friday night, came home to meet with landscaper, had dinner, put daughter to bed, gave wife hour long massage & worked out knots, and more monkey sex. Not too bad for an old married couple.

Saturday, synagogue, worked on car with Dad, sat around watched college football, refereed a hockey game, met family for dinner, drove an hour to get home from dinner, and then in bed and passed out by 10:30.

Sunday, slept in, shower, breakfast, family went to church at 11, blogging, watching NFL, and whatever the day will entail I am good with it.