Monday, September 04, 2006

Farewell, Crocodile Hunter

Steve Irwin died. Can you believe it? He was filming for a show called "Ocean's Deadliest" and, irony of ironies, he got killed by a sting ray.

Crocodile Hunter was a show our whole family enjoyed, back when we had cable. Steve Irwin was so funny, but it's not easy to explain why. I guess it's his excitement, his passion for things that most people stay far away from. He gets like a little kid when he actually finds what he's looking for. Anyhow, he had a uniquely endearing charm, and I'll miss knowing that he's out there.


Just one of many said...

That's so sad! How am I going to tell my boys?? They have all his videos even the movie!! Damn sting rays...who would have guessed.

Rebecca said...

Oh no! I liked him! I didn't even know sting rays could kill. Sad.

Bishop Rick said...

My daughter has been moping around the house all morning. She marked all his episodes today on Animal Planet. I know that she won't actually watch them, but it makes her feel better.


Eight Hour Lunch said...

For me the real surprise is that this didn't happen sooner. My daughter was dissapointed for about three seconds until she understood that there would still be reruns.

Here's to dying doing what you love. May we all be so lucky, but only if it's much, much later.