Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dave Took This...

Week 2

Dave was in San Diego this past weekend at the Utah/San Diego State football game. In honor of me also being in California, though not in SoCal, here is this week's picture deluxe, Coronado bridge and all. From Dave:

"Do you know what kicks all ass? The U.S. Naval Fleet. I was told by the San Diego cab driver that this is the USS Kitty Hawk, although I had thought that ship was forward-deployed in Japan right now. If it's true, I kind of feel lucky that it was in port while I was there, as it is an important part of history and still an important part of our fleet. The USS Kitty Hawk is currently the oldest active ship in the U.S. Navy (commissioned in 1961), and it is also the most decorated. This is taken with a very long zoom across the harbor but I hope you get a sense of the size of this thing."

Ping! Oh no, depth charges!


Just one of many said...

Great Pic! I just love men in uniform...but sailor guys creep me out...maybe it's the girl in every port thing...STD's Yuck!! Hope you guys are having fun in Sunny California! Make sure you visit all the Temples and take a pic with Starbucks in your hand!! Would love to see that!

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Hi! That photo is cool. How'd the interview go?


La said...

I do not have permission from the proper authority to disclose contents or "mood" of said interview. Please stay tuned, as my blogging addiction is forcing me to BEG in order to post about it. Once again, no shame. :)

Sideon said...

Size is everything :) But sometimes big is just too frickin' big.

Scott served on "The Enterprise" - I'll have to ask him about the Kitty Hawk.

Great picture. I may be seeing Coronado tomorrow when I fly into San Diego. I had no idea (until this year) that they have a lot of fog down there!

Anonymous said...

USS Kitty Hawk

I will authorize a full report on said activities very soon.


dfb said...

It has now been brought to my attention that the Kitty Hawk is currently forward-deployed, as I suspected. The cab driver was wrong. This is most probably the USS Ronald Reagan. Not as rich in history, certainly, but still-and-all, it's nice to see.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Duh, Lisa, as if you couldn't just pop over to Eric's blog and ASK HIM how his interview went! Oh well. It's sometimes fun to talk to wives and get details about big events like interviews and eaten underwear.