Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Token Blah-g

It's a really slow day, and I'm lying in bed because my stomach is bothering me. So I'm just writing a post for the helluvit. There's nothing going on today...

I should try that carnival of the veil sometime.

Do you know what will probably not help my stomach? The egg salad I'm working on making. But it sounds so GOOOODD!

Did everyone see my post about the Party next year? I didn't get appropriate enthusiasm or support, so I think I'll just keep nagging you guys.

K leave a comment, cause that's a nice thing to read while I'm here in bed. :) The snazzier the better, I always say.


Sister Mary Lisa said...

Hi L! Sorry to hear about your stomach. I hate it when that happens. I love to check your blog, blah-g or otherwise!

I look forward to either coming to your party next year, or hearing about it later! I'll be 35 next year! What milestones!! Could I put any more exclamation points than that?! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:) L

La said...

Wow...your excessive exclamation actually increased my heart rate! :)

Corn Child said...

Egg salad is a fabulous idea. With a side of Pepto.

Hope you feel better!

(Hey, I just wanted to tell you this - your picture freaks me out - it's not bad, keep reading - because you actually look a LOT like me! Can there actually be two of me (or two of you) out there?!)

Today's word verification: igfast!

Rebecca said...

Sparkle (that's the snazzy part) is learning Chinese in school. In the car today she was reading me stuff from her book. In Chinese (as I'm sure you know) the inflection used is part of what the word means. So, I was thinking, how would you translate a musical into Chinese? The songs would totally lose the melody, or, if the melodies were kept intact, the songs would pretty much be nonsense.

La said...

You should look into Chinese opera and find out! Return and report.


Just one of many said...

Just RSVP for next years Halloween party...Can I dress up as a Celestial Bride? Damn, I forgot, I threw away my Temple clothes!!
Hope you feel better soon!

Bishop Rick said...

Since I live in UT, I might stop by your party.

Two of you in the world, now that's scary :)

Hey, too bad about JLO's blog huh?


Arizona Expositor said...

Did someone say party, and can we all use the hot tub?

Simeon's Peep Stone said...

Yeah! A Party! Maybe my wife will let me sneak out for a few days to Utah!

Sister Mary Lisa said...

BR, it IS too bad about JLO. Truly. I like to read his stuff too.