Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fury, thy name is La

In 4th grade the children learn about Utah's history. They learn about the formation of the state, the pioneers, the native americans, the dinosaurs, etc. They learn about Utah's natural resources, about the industries.

Today my friend is on a field trip with her son's 4th grade class. Where would be a neat place to learn about some Utah history? State capitol? This Is The Place state park (where they can see how pioneers might've lived)? How about Kennecott Copper Mine? Even a local Pow Wow would be pretty cool to get some culture and history all at once.

This particular 4th grade is on their field trip to the Church Museum of History. That's right, folks. Church owned and operated, cute missionary couples and all. Mormon propaganda centrale.

Every exhibit in that building, whether historical or artistic, has blatant reference to the church or its' doctrine. What kind of secular education is that? My poor friend is chaperoning and she's formulating the complaint letter in her brain this very minute. And don't even presume my feelings on this topic have anything to do with me leaving the saints. No, I would've felt this very same way during my most active, believing days as a Mormon. This is wrong. Period.


Eric said...

It doesn't help when the church is like a form of radiation that has penetrated the core of every cell of its avid proponents.

For most mormons, church is the ultimatel mixer. It's perfectly acceptable to combine the LDS church with any aspect of life, whether it be Boy Scouts, museums, legislation, real estate, social conversation, sales, and education.

When we lived in North Carolina, it was rare an uncommon for someone to mention anything religious while buying milk at the grocery store, religious doctrine in a public museum, or assume any particular person was of the same faith, predominate religion or not. This is what every place except Utah (and pockets in the west) calls normal. Normal people relate to others normally. Sure, there are exceptions. There's still a lot of racial bias in certain places, but religious bias? Not as common. One is more likely to be taunted for their ethnic background than their religious background.

Utah is DIFFERENT. Some would say they have god's truth and preference, others would say the state is run by a cooky religious majority.

I bet most of the people on the field trip find it perfectly normal to be going to a LDS-church owned and operated "museum" being utilized for marketing purposes.

If they were going to tour a historic Catholic church in downtown SLC, where the pirests and sisters act as tour guides and mention Catholic doctrine, would they be OK with that? Would they be happy if they went on a field trip to a KKK museum? Biases are unacceptable unless they are your own...


Arizona Expositor said...

I usually wouldn't say this because I tend to lean to the right on political issues, but why not contact the ACLU? This is a blatant blurring of the seperation of church and state. The museum you are referring is a one sided bias version of history. Raise a stink, a big one.

La said...

We're gonna :)

Sideon said...

When the national Smithsonians, the National Geographic enclave, and the majority of the world's historians can validate all the Mormon historical claims... then I could see a field trip to the Church Museum of History.

Was it a cost factor that made this a venue for the kids? The school or parents couldn't handle a nominal fee for each child to a legitimate venue?

Utah is a theocracy. The church IS the State.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Wondering why your friend is there as chaperone, letting her kid go, if it bothers her that bad. I would probably not go, and form a protest like no other.

Or I'd not go, and say I was sick. And my kid too.

:) Signed, Chicken Little

Simeon's Peep Stone said...

I think the Church History Museum might not be too bad. Last time I was there, there wasn't too much doctrine being discussed. If they were going to Temple Square and to the Visitors Center, you might have something.

Like it or not, Mormons developed the whole place and are the history of Utah. If they are attempting to learn about Utah history, there is not way around it.

Growing up in L.A., I went on field trips to many of the Catholic Missions in Southern California and to many of the old Catholic churches that existed here from the start. History is history. I'm not sure I see much harm in this. If the students all come home with souvenier Book of Mormons, there may be something to talk about.

Arizona Expositor said...

SPS, you have a point but La is right it's all pro-Mormon history. In Arizona we have a lot of old Catholic missions, and when visiting them there are no nuns or padres leading you around discussing Catholic History and the virtures of their religion. It's here's the mission and here's how it was built, boy isn't it pretty and old. Oh and how about buying some local Indian art or fry bread on your way out????

La said...


Yes Mormons comprise a big chunk of Utah's history. But their beliefs don't.

How exactly are the "presidents of the church" pertinent to the statehood?

Bishop Rick said...

KKK Museum. Now that sounds interesting.

You're not gonna believe this, but look at the word verification for my post below. Looks like the aclu is the right prescription.


Montgomery Q said...

oh my hell this is unbelievable. Do you know the history of the state of Utah? Simeon and whatshisname are right. What do you expect? They don't try to indoctrinate you...have you even been there? THey don't ask what religion you are, or try to give you anything. Utah was founded by Mormons. The majority (though by a hair) are Mormon. The church is still a major presence in its governing body, and is the reason a lot of the people MOVE here. La, I'm coming over there to physically assault you...oh yeah, you're coming over for the Office. Prepare for a deserved crotchkick...Eric, you too. Shitheads

Montgomery Q said...

"Every exhibit in that building, whether historical or artistic, has blatant reference to the church or its' doctrine. "

You've outdone yourself with that statement

La said...

*Follow the Prophet
*You Have a Family Tree
*Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration
*Rembrandt: The Biblical Etchings
*Scenes from the Land of Promise: Book of Mormon paintings
*Boyd K Packer: The Lifework of an Amateur Artist
*Landscape and Life: The Rural Settting of the Latter-day Saints
*Primary Makes Me Happy: 125 years of Primary
*Latter-day Saints Yesterday and Today; Beliefs, History, Life
*Early Images of Historic Nauvoo
and my favorite; coming soon
*I am a Child of God

NONE of these things are pertinent to the history of Utah that 4th graders SHOULD be learning in school.

La said...

Let's just clarify, older and hairier shithead: I'm not blaming the church. They can put any exhibit they want to in their museum.

My problem is with the secular school that decided this was an accurate and worthwhile secular portrayal of Utah's history.

If we're going to include Mormons and their beliefs in our classrooms, let's be judicious and include EVERYTHING. Mountain Meadows Massacre. Continuing polygamy illegally. All of it.

Oh, I forgot to mention that my friend noticed a plaque on a Native American exhibit that said something to the effect of "Mormons always got along with the Native Americans. They're even referred to in the Book of Mormon."

I see.

dfb said...

Holy Cow! I don't know what's worse: The Church's infiltration into the school system or MontgomeryQ's mindless apologetics. Hey people, if your getting your history from The Church, you're NOT getting history. I don't care if it is all about the pioneers, you're certainly not going to get anything like history from The Church's whitewashing of every fact. If you're supposed to be learning about history, what the hell would The Church be able to add? NOTHING. Everybody knows this, including MontgomeryQ, they just don't want to own up to it.

By the way, La, still waiting for a meaningful response to my last e-mail. Also, I can't believe how I just defined MontgomeryQ's feelings for him. I'm sure he'll appreciate that! LOVE!!!

Montgomery Q said...

Laura, get over here! It's about to start! I promise not to kick.

ok, maybe I need to go to this museum. . I dont remember it having this stuff. I'll shut up about it. I need to see the life work of Boyd. And write a nice SB article about it.

Dave: your is possessive. you're = you are

dfb said...

Oh, that is MOST embarrassing.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Montgomery Q, your grammar is showing!


Montgomery Q said...

What you should do is teach about the Mtn Meadows massacre to 4th graders. I remember going on a tour of a Catholic cathedral while I was on my mission, and the guide made sure to remind us that the Catholic church has had quite a few legal problems with the priests touching the weeners of choir boys. I really respected that she gave me a complete and accurate view of the entire history of the Catholicism, in fact.

ok, anyway...I hope your friend's kid will recover from the damage done to her by those sonsabitches. The Office was good. I was worried that they would be running out of storyline, which whatsherface's wedding, and Jim leaving. But they kept it spicy.

Just one of many said...

We went to the visitor center and was apalled at the progaganda that was spewed there. The sister could only say it is "wonderful, fantastic, awesome" for months we were walking around using these words and laughing our ass off! The sad thing is that they dont force you to believe as they do when visiting, but a school venue should have a BALANCED view of UTAH and church history: ie: montain massacre, polygamy, polyandry, bank fraud, castrastion, cover-up, systematic lying, and false advertisement just to name a few. I don't believe in sheltering my children from any philosophy or belief, but history is based on fact not feelings of what I wish to be true!
Love ya La!! :)

TexasGuy said...

Hey La,

Amy IM'd me from the musuem. Did you go with her? She said she was about to throw up. I said, just ask some real Utah history questions like MMM, polygamy, etc.

La said...

Hey texasguy!!!

*cough* if you would actually read my blog :) you'd see that I'm clearly not with her. Or wasn't with her.

So how was New York? And don't throw all that "what happens in New York stays in New York" shit. That's Vegas. Not New York. So spill.


Simeon's Peep Stone said...

I guess you hit the nerve of the people La! Having seen the list you posted of the displays at the museum, I can see your point. Maybe that 4th grade class is going to go to some other museums as well, or maybe the whole class is mormon. I agree that there should be balance in what is being taught. My main point was that you can't paint a picture of Utah history without seeing tons of Mormon influence. Everything has been influenced by mormonism. Hopefully they don't believe that just going to the church's museum will cover all there is to know about Utah history.

Bishop Rick said...

I still can't believe no one noticed how cool my word verification was:


rx = pharmacy
u = you
aclu = aclu

That is a sign that means the ACLU is the right prescription for this problem.