Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday To-Do List

* put baby down for a nap

* watch "Take the Lead" while baby is sleeping

* write blogs, check emails, finish story, and make shopping list while watching the movie

* after baby wakes up, go to the store and buy some freakin food

* pick up older kid from school

* invite friends over for a relaxing evening in the hot tub

Days when Eric has work off are so smooth and nice. I'm sure it's because he generously lets me sleep in and relax a little. Days off are a good thing!

This is why I would never go back to church: Sundays are precious to me now. Sunday used to mean stress and preparation and exhaustion. Now they mean a guaranteed day off, get up when we feel like it, shower, or not, and basically chill. I look forward to Sunday now! What a funny world this is...


Sister Mary Lisa said...

I'm looking forward to having Sundays off soon. I'm beginning to think I don't want to wait...


Anonymous said...

You know as I was taking my Sunday drive while the wife and daughter were in church last Sunday I was thinking the samething. When we lived in DC I used that logic on my wife why we needed to be inactive, she didn't buy it obviously.

Nice new picture, but since I sticking with the stealth blog you're stuck with what you have...

La said...


Take the Lead is great. Kinda slow through the second half, and completely predictable. But still, there's humor, great dancing, great music, and mostly, there's hope.

I recommend it!

Stealth blog?!? Sounds military! :) Yeah, showing your pic isn't very common, but I figure "eh, what the hell?"

Sister Mary Lisa said...

I'm glad you show your pic. It's like when you talk for years to that person on the phone and suddenly one day they walk into your office and your mental picture is shattered. I hate that!

Sideon said...

Tonight's todo list:

drive home
remove clothes
big ass drink

Joseph's Left One said...

Tomorrow's to-do list:

Get kids to school
Mow lawns
Do dishes
Do laundry
Do bills
Sleep all afternoon

Anonymous said...

Afternoon to do list:

Look busy at work until 6 pm
Get mail from box
Drive home
Talk to wife

I don't suppose there is a way for me to sneak a drink in there?

La said...

I can think of at least 6 ways to sneak a drink into your to-do list. *ahem* 32 oz rum & coke in a gas station cup. :) That fits in any situation!!

dfb said...

Thing's on La's To-Do List:
1) Call Brother and wish him happy birthday.
2) Worry about posting on Blog
3) Do other things not so important.

Saint'n said...

My List for Tonight:

(1) Figure out how to fuck one big company for the benefit of another;

(2) Ride the train home and inevitably be forced to sit by someone who:
(a) stinks, or
(b) talks at full volume on her cell phone as though everyone around her cares that her boyfriend is an asshole;

(3) Heat up some leftovers (my wife and kids are out of town);

(4) Search the internet for porn, realize how dull it is, and give it a rub to remind myself how lame I am;

(5) Feel guilty about not going to the gym;

(6) Think a deep thought and pretend I am smarter than I am, only to read something and realize how clueless I am;

(7) sigh out loud and say "fuck" or "goddamn" or "fucking goddamn" or "jesus fucking christ" or something similar;

(8) go to bed and toss and turn as the anxiety of not figuring out how to fuck one big company for the benefit of another keeps me awake;

(9) Get a hard-on and ignore it (I swear the thing has a life of its own!)

(10) Fall asleep at 2:30 am and have nightmares about surgery, boats, storms, and ugly fish.

Bishop Rick said...

Saturday's To Do List:

1) Eat til I'm tired.
2) Sleep til I'm hungry
3) Repeat


Sister Mary Lisa said...

Friday's to do list:

1. Work until noon
2. Pick up kids at school early
3. Pick up migraine pills since I was forced to take one this morning after waking up with one, and don't want to travel without
5. Drive real fast and hope to make it to SLC before we are too tired to keep driving.

:) I love traveling.

Anonymous said...

For Friday PM:

Look busy at work until 4
Pick-up Daughter from School
Pick-up Wife from Work
Drive home
Start Unpacking Boxes
Put up with Evangelical Christian Father-in-Law for the weekend.
Find a way to get drunk.