Friday, August 11, 2006

That Stinks!

So I was reading the "paper" a while ago, and the article described how the security guidelines for airline flights has again changed. Because of the foiled terrorist attack yesterday in London, now liquids/gels can no longer be brought on board. The passengers (at BWI, Dulles and National, as this was an article in the Post) stood in line for hours and then they had to throw their toiletries in the trash.

I read of people crying because of having to dump their designer perfumes and hair care products. No mousse, gel, perfume, deodorants, nothing. I would've been one of the ones crying, I'm sure. I have sympathy for these people because I hate waiting in lines and I LOVE my smelly lotions, etc. Not that I buy the high-end stuff, but what money I do spend I value.

Is this stuff ever going to end? I guess not. I guess this is our new existence, huh? Just like we all have microwaves and phones and email addresses, I suppose we just have to live with mostly ineffective uber-security at airports now. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

I am flying to Portland, OR for business next week, and I am pretty pissed that I have to check my toiletries. Oh well it's out of my hands.

Sideon said...

I wonder how many people had to lose or pack their lube? :)

Rebecca said...

I'm just glad I read this before I left. This is crap. A massive load of crap.

Eight Hour Lunch said...

I'm flying to Florida for work in a couple of weeks. Not good. And these precautions won't do a damn bit of good. Hell, they'll just find something softer to hit that doesn't require a security screening--malls, libraries, small local stadiums. Isn't there anyone else out there who recognizes this for what it is? The traitors in Washington are using terror as an excuse to destroy everything this country was founded on. Terrorism would barely exist if it weren't for the moronic foreign policy we've had in the US since Eisenhower. Yes, I'm pissed.

Montgomery Q said...

An excuse? Wha...?!? Because they want to destroy our freedom. It's so handy that there's evil people trying to blow us up, so now the government has an excuse.

MattMan said...

Why don't we just fast forward and have completely nude flying? I mean, think about it, where does the craziness end? "Terrorists" could easily line their clothing with nearly indetectable tubes of explosives. We've already seen the shoe thing done. What about those gel-filled shoe soles? How will security know if that gel is really the original gel, or has been replaced with explosives?

So, fuck it -- let's all just fly nude and be done with it. Of course then you still have the possibility that a "terrorist" swallowed a condom or 10 full of explosives, timing it just right for a trip to the onboard bathroom mid-flight to relieve him/herself.

See, MQ, you're missing the point here. The point is that all of this is just bullshit and a waste of time. If a "terrorist" wants to blow up a plane, it'll happen. All our gov't is doing is reigning in the freedoms our country was founded for, under the guise of a perpetual war on terror (1984 anyone?).

Yeah, they hate our freedom -- that MUST be it. *roll eyes* Sure, it has absolutely nothing to do with our foreign policy and the observation that the US is the one who is the terror nation. Take a look at all the countries we've invaded over, oh, say the past 50 years. Trying to force unrestrained capitalism on everyone under the disguise of democracy. Ah well, to each his own.

Sorry, La, didn't mean to get politically nutso on your blog. ;)

Montgomery Q said...

"The US is the one who is the terror nation"

Terror nation, huh? We've gone around invading countries, forcing capitalism? My eyes are rolling around too much for my lids to restrain, and they are in danger of falling out onto the keyboard. You're right, to each is own. And my belief is that, if I was in Iraq, I'd rather have America come in and try to teach democracy than continue living under Saddam or the Taliban.

I just read you blog to find out more about you and now I must go there and comment.

La said...

k boys, enough already.

Montgomery Q said...

Why is "paper" in quotes?

Laura D, they sell your "lube" and lotion and cologne in the cities you might visit, right? So what's the "big" deal?

You should have been at Sunstone. It was fun, except everyone there looked like they probably had stinky crotches. I didnt sample, though, so I couldnt be sure.

La said...

Paper was in quotes because I read the Washington Post online. It's not really the paper. That's why.

They do sell lube and lotion in cities I might visit. But as I said, if I spend money on something, I value it. I'm poor, remember? I can't buy 2 of everything, and tossing perfectly good stuff which I paid money for into the trash is tragic for me.

How does someone LOOK like they have a stinky crotch?!? And thank you for not sampling... Cause ew.

Montgomery Q said...

You can just develop a sense by looking at them. It's a complicated formula, but if pressed, I'd say you'd have to look at the hair, eyes, and posture. And what they're carrying.