Saturday, August 19, 2006

On Too-Short Hiatus

Y to the U to the B to the A .

Yeah we're heading south to Yuba Lake for a while. Our gang of local exmos is spending the weekend down there, sans children. We'll have our youngest, the devil toddler, with us because we can't think of anyone who deserves to watch him for a whole day. So our recklessness will therefore be capped. Perhaps that's a good thing?

I can't even begin to explain how much a break is needed right now! This will be good.

Okay bloggies...have a good couple of days.


Charlotte in Pa said...

NONONONONONO! You must find a place for the devil to go! You need a day of partying all to yourselves! *sigh* Whatever. I guess I should just take heart in the fact that your good time will be a little less relaxing, because no one should ever have a good time without me! What? Selfish? ME?

La said...

HAHAHA!! It's funny to go out of town and use a friends computer, even as she's logged into blogger. So then it's fun to leave comments on blogs and make people go, "Huh?" cause they don't know who you are.

Too bad you have such a unique voice. There's no fooling me!

K we're leaving now. :)

Rebecca said...

Oh yeah - I didn't realize I was leaving a comment as her until afterwards. I guess she was already signed in, so I just didn't notice it. Whatever. I still think you should have left the devil with someone so you could get totally plastered. Better yet, you should have flown out here and gotten plastered with ME!

Sideon said...

Yuba Lake. I'm jealous.

Did you go camping, take an RV, sleep under the stars? Details! Inquiring minds wanna know!

Joseph's Left One said...

I'm jealous too. I do miss Utah sometimes--the things you can do there, anyway.