Thursday, August 03, 2006

What are your bests?

I think I've said it before... Yep, this is nothing new. I like a beer buzz. I've never blogged drunk before, as I mentioned on 'stache dude's blog one night. And technically I'm not drunk now, either. But I'm nice and relaxed, fo sho.

Best line from a (Maroon 5) song :

"It's not always rainbows and butterflies, it's compromise that moves us along..."

Best beer :

Molson Canadian

Best Burger :

Char-grill in Raleigh, NC


Sideon said...

Best beer: dark stout with fresh out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookies.

Best buzz: vodka (dancing), tequila (crazy dancing), beer (hanging with friends), wine (dinners with friends), rum (pool parties).

Oh - and blogging nekkid is the best.

Rebecca said...

Best ice cream: Ben & Jerry's coffee heath bar crunch

Best TV show to watch when you're Miss Pissy Bitch: Alias

Yeah, so WHAT if this has nothing to do with what you wrote?

La said...

Give me a brand, sid, and I'll pick some up tomorrow (the beer, obviously). And I'll make cookies.

Saint'n said...

For me, nothing beats a wine buzz. I giggle like a little kid -- its awesome! One time I had 7 shots of vodka in a row, and felt totally sober. I think it was because my boss was there, so I subconsciously resisted a good drunk. It was very strange indeed. I think I'll drink some beer tonight, and in honour of La, I'll have a few Molson Canadian (we keep the good stuff for ourselves!)

This will likely lead to some drunk blogging tonight -- always fun. Maybe I'll try it nekkid too?

Sideon said...


You could go with the tried-and-true Guiness, but honestly, I don't have a favorite.

Did I mention that the heat-wave from two weeks ago KILLED our four cases of home brew beer that we didn't have properly stored? Gone. I'll cry a river as I'm pouring out each bottle.

La said...

That's IT. I'm staying in tonight! :)