Thursday, August 17, 2006

I'm hot, sticky and sweet...!

Ok that freakin rocked.

Journey opened, and we got there late so we only saw like 3 of their songs. But it was great. Then Def Leppard came out and rocked the crap out of the place.

They encored with Love Bites and Pour Some Sugar on Me. KICK butt. I'm telling ya.

Tomorrow I'll think of something more interesting to say, I'm sure. :)


Joseph's Left One said...

OK, Def Leppard I can see, but JOURNEY????

Double yikes!

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Listen, Journey rocks too. I will always love Journey!


Joseph's Left One said...

Maybe Journey is just way too tied in with adolescent awkwardness ... or maybe they just suck. LOL

La said...

Oh, that's not EVEN funny, mister. Journey DOES rock.