Friday, August 18, 2006

Who will it be?!?

Today I'll reach the mark of 4000 visitors to my blog. I should give a prize, huh? Ok, the prize will depend on 3 things:

1)whether the 4000th visitor is a male or female

2)where the person lives

3)if I know who they are or not, and under what context

What a party-rific Friday, eh, folks?


Sister Mary Lisa said...

Hi La.

Am I #4000?!?! I'm female, live in Billings, MT, and I'm worthy of a prize!

:) pick me, pick me!


Sideon said...

A conditional prize?

Male. Concord, CA. We know each other, but not in the Biblical sense.


La said...

Hey now.

The prizes ARE conditional. But only the 3 I mentioned. And I will announce who wins...don't get too hasty people.

But I loves ya...

Sideon said...

Two entries then, if it's conditional, just to cover my bases.

Female, East Bay California, and we know each other vicariously through a love of Steve S (Latter Days), chocolate chip cookies (your recipe), blogging (yeah, to self-discoveries), and adult toy shopping.


I'm not hasty. I take my time.

Bishop Rick said...

Is it too late to win?

Male - The Morg Corridor, you don't know me, but that chocolate chip recipe sounds interesting.