Monday, August 14, 2006

Change of plans?

A few weeks ago over lunch, I announced to my brother and some co-workers of his that I need a job. I have 2 motivations for this: 1- more money! and 2- time away from home. Since then, I have successfully begun to fulfill #2 by registering for classes. But this scenario is actually draining from us, not adding.

Last spring when we filed our taxes, the computer crashed before my husband had a chance to print our returns out. So I've been having issues trying to fill out my FAFSA. In fact, I don't think we'll have a copy of the return before the deadline for tuition payment. Anyhow, that $1200 will have to be paid out of pocket by us, which is not an easy thing. I will, however, get the returns back in time to request financial aid for the Spring '07 semester.

My point? There's a guy my brother knows who runs a printing place. He does 90% of the promotional printing for the company my brother designs for. He needs someone to help him get organized and tighten up the ship. So when he heard that I was wanting part-time work, he told my brother to have me go visit him. I hesitated, because of having registered for school, but the tuition thing has me worried enough that I am now reconsidering. Extra money? How can I say no to that???

I'll go visit the guy today, and see how it feels.


Just one of many said...

I am jealous! I want to work, but I haven't in 9 years and I am a little nervous...silly, but true!
Let us know how it goes!!

La said...

Yeah, it's going on 7 years for me. Truth be told, my nerves are a little hyperactive right now. I'm sitting here thinking: what do I wear, what do I wear?

I'm such a girl! :)

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Wear those clothes you feel most confident in. Without looking too casual. It's hard to have to look at yourself and wonder if the professional world will see in you what you know you are. :)