Thursday, August 03, 2006

First step; check!

Ok, all done. I've registered for three classes this fall. The english class wasn't available at the right time, so I had to come up with something else.

PHIL 2050 Ethics & Values
PSY 2800 Human Sexuality (I purposely chose the psych class as opposed to the health version)
HLTH 1100 Personal Health and Wellness

No English--sad!--but these all need to be out of the way.

Oh, and let me just bitch about the cost of education here in Utah. 1 credit hour, for a resident, costs $207. $257 with the fees!!! Good grief. My 3 little classes are going to cost me upwards of $1200. I think a move to California is in order. There, even as a non-resident, it would only be $163 per credit hour.


Rebecca said...

Pell grants are my favorite things EVER.

La said...

Oh for SURE, Rebecca...

I wouldn't even be thinking about this if I wasn't able to get a smidgen of relief from the government. As soon as I can get my GPA up to a really really good level (it'll happen) then I'll start digging for scholarships too. I'm just too lazy right now though.

Eight Hour Lunch said...

That's actually not *that* expensive. My students were paying about $1500 a week for about seven hours of class a day.