Tuesday, August 29, 2006

SD State Referendumb HB 1215

There is one abortion clinic in the entire state of South Dakota. One. Planned Parenthood opens for business one day every week, and the surgeon from Minnesota flies in to perform elective abortions just for the day. The average (from 2004 figures) is roughly 15 abortions per that one day.

Such a small, simple clinic in Sioux Falls doesn't seem like it would be a hot bed for politics, but it most certainly is. The voters of South Dakota now get to decide if they support their state legislature and the extreme religious right.

The SD state legislature passed a bill making abortion illegal, a felony to be specific, in every case, unless the mother's life is at risk. Yes, friends. Raped? Lousy one night stand you'll forever regret? You still have the option to take the morning-after pill, assuming you A) can get access to it and B) know to take it in the first place. Otherwise? You’re having that baby, sistah.

So yes, the bill passed. The governor signed it into law, back in March. It is technically illegal to have an abortion in the state of South Dakota. The people who designed the law (read: Pro-Lifers) never really intended it to be implemented. They expected the state would get sued, and the case would be taken all the way to the US Supreme Court where they could finally get Roe vs. Wade overturned. But there was an unaccounted-for loophole.

There’s an old law that allows voters to overrule laws by referendum. Thus, our friend, HB 1215 , the referendum which the voters shall support or overturn.

Both sides of the issue are flowing money into the state for advertising. As of now, polls show that it would probably not pass today. But keep a watch out this November, folks. This is a big issue, and its outcome will be historical. As someone who firmly believes my body is my own, I’d like to be able to make decisions for myself. Prove to me, in a court of law, that my body belongs to God, and maybe I’ll rethink my stance. Until then…


Sideon said...

South Dakota.

Just one of the many states that proved Darwin was so wrong. How else to explain the masses that made it to adulthood?

Make birth control readily available. Schools, families, communities should talk about sex and sexuality. Churches need to get their asses back into church and out of the fucking bedroom.

What would Jesus do? He'd wear a condom.

J. said...

I agree with Sideon. Even though in our case, Loke took the morning-after pill, and it failed. She's still pregnant. Not that I have any qualms with it.

She's a fantastic mom, but I agree with Sideon that everyone has to be able to have a choice. Either that or anarchy.

Rebecca said...

If Roe v. Wade gets overturned in the Supreme Court, I'm moving to another country. Stuff like this is just moving us backwards, and I don't want to live in a country that believes people were better off in the dark ages.

Just one of many said...

Is my vagina a court room? Hey, Maybe I should put that on a T-shirt!!!

Bishop Rick said...

Hmm, this is a tough one for me. I still struggle with the -when does life begin- thing. Not really life, but mental consciousness. For instance, if mental consciousness begins in the second trimester, I have no problem with abortion in the first trimester, but would have a problem in the second.

Knowingly having unprotected sex is a gamble. What I don't know is, "when does abortion stop being abortion and become murder?" Third trimester? Never? I don't know the answer, but admit I am uncomfortable with abortion.

Now in the case of Rape, no one is to blame except the bastard who committed the rape. I think those guys should be nutted, but that's another topic.

Saint'n said...


If your vagina is a courtroom, I am gonna sue someone right away, so I can get in there ;-)

Eric said...

I've always been troubled by our attempts to draw lines in the sand on certain issues. Is a personal decision to have a relatively safe procedure to remove an undesired pregnancy really the place of anyone except those involved?

I'm not going to debate the point of life for a fetus. Life is life as soon as its living. Having a "soul" could be 100% on the money, 100% wrong, or anywhere in between, and none of us has a particle of concrete dust to form something definite. We only have conjecture, opinion, or sheer idocy.

I can tell you that I stay out of other people's decisions to abort a fetus. If it happened to us you wouldn't be a part of that. I believe that we can make logical decisions as long as we are rational about our decision making process.

This is all so on the fence with me, with one exception. I think the government has no domain over my body. If I am doing crack, yes, put me away because I've obviously gone beyond rational self-concern and into destruction. Otherwise, keep your mits off and your government paperwork off my penis - and do the same for everyone else responsible enough to deal with adult situations.

Just one of many said...


I forgot you are a lawyer!! I don't think I can come up with a suitable arguement in my defense!!