Monday, August 14, 2006

Question for ya:

*My 110th post and my 4th post today! Woo-hoo!*

Is anyone coming to Utah for the exmo conference in October? We'd like to get a head count so we can decide whether or not we need to skip town that weekend or stay and be social exmo butterflies. And really I only care about bloggers. Who gives a crap about those RfM or Exmoso peeps?? Just jokin. A little bit.


Sister Mary Lisa said...


Just an FYI, I answered your question in my blog comments under "On Being Nice". Fair warning: it's too long!

:) Have a good one!


C.L. Hanson said...

I wish I could go!!!

Maybe next year. I know I say that every year, but it really might be possible next year. But this year is a for sure no. :-(

Eight Hour Lunch said...

Well you know we'll be in town, but I doubt I'll be going to the exmo conf. They're a little wacky with the censorship on RFM, and I don't really think they need my money.

Heidi and I are thinking about attending The Amaz!ng Meeting in Vegas, though.

Saint'n said...

I've never even considered going, as I did not know about it -- no one ever tells Saint'n anything! Anyway, maybe -- is Eight Hour Lunch correct about too many conspiracy nuts being there? I am not interested in hanging around wackos. Also, what are RFM's and what is wrong with them anyway?

Apparantly, exmos in Canada are out of the Utah social pipeline (hooray for that!)

C.L. Hanson said...

Cool, this just goes to show how popular Outer Blogness is becoming if there exist people who know what an "exmo" is and yet have never heard of RfM. ;-)

(That's where you would have heard about the conference if you'd heard about it...)

La said...


We've never been to the exmo conf, so we really can't verify the level of craziness.

I would imagine that if there were really cool people there, i.e. ME, it would rock no matter what.

We're thinking of going to Oregon that weekend though, as it's a 5 day fall-break thing for school.

Cynthia E. Bagley said...

sorry.. I won't be there... I have illness problems when I travel too long away from my bed... (people make me sick, literally) LOL

Have fun though.

Just one of many said...

Let's all meet and party somewhere else than offense, just don't feel like collecting anymore Utah snowglobes or spoons...hey, this time I could collect a Utah shot glass! Has anyone tried Polygamy beer?

Lurker said...

Polygamy Porter is pretty good if you like dark beers.