Friday, August 04, 2006

Why I was talked about in Bishopric Meeting

Chanson, I'm a sucker for talking about myself, and it's not really a great story. But I do pride myself on the fact that I was, indeed, talked about in a negative way in Bishopric meeting.

A tiny bit of background:

We moved from Raleigh to Orem in 2002, with the intent of Eric going to school. We lived in the basement (huge, btw) of my mom's condo, and so we attended her ward. It is, I believe, the oldest ward in Orem, in history and median age. Anyhow, we were "lucky" to have an ex-BYU football player (from the early 90's) as our bishop. You probably heard his story (though I have no desire to name him): he gave up his NFL contract because he refused to play on Sundays.

This bishop made it his personal goal to perfect all his saints.

When we moved to Orem we became complacent in our activity. The only reason I would walk the 20 feet to our chapel was because I got called to be RS teacher. It was a nice break after teaching early-morning seminary in NC. But we liked sleeping in. We disliked dressing up. We liked going to Sconecutter on Sunday.

The less I went to church, the less I cared about what I wore. (I had already ditched the garmies by this time--they only lasted a year) There were some shorts that I'd kept around, mostly because they were comfy, albeit a tad short. I stopped teaching in RS, just because I wanted a damn break from a calling for a minute. See? I was destined to leave...

Someone in the ward, let's just speculate it being the RS president, saw me wearing and enjoying my lack of clothes during the hot Utah summer. She felt it her duty to report this to the bishop in her one-on-one meeting. I guess they were trying to figure out what calling I could have, and she made it a point to mention my un-garment-worthy attire. So then the bishop takes this dire information and announces it in Ward Counsel.

As Eric sat there listening to the bish, taking notes, he couldn't believe what he was hearing. Knowing me better than most anyone, he knew that my shorts had nothing to do with my character. He felt that they could've simply said "La isn't available for a calling", but instead had to go into the why and how and the unworthiness. He came home and told me about the meeting, and right there, in my shock and upset, was my first glimpse of the church being a joke. I knew nothing of the church's sordid past. I just knew that I didn't want to be a part of that kind of organization.

The end. (told you, not really that neat... If only it were chastity issues!!!)


Eric said...

Ah... THAT bishop. The one that drove me to the point of requesting a calling release because I couldn't handle the stress.

As a for-instance, he would prepare a list of about 20-30 people to mention in every opening and closing prayer, and in the midst of asking for rain or safety, would start praying for the members by opening his eyes and reading off the list, along with ailments or need. Add to the awkwardness when he would pray for people in the meeting, such as a certain sister with multiple personality disorders who was the adult singles rep and present for about 60% of our meetings.

There were a lot of reasons for me to leave this calling (and this church).


Saint'n said...

I have to comment regarding my experience in Ward Counsel.

I was the SS President (that's sunday school, although it felt like a Nazi operation). We were in a meeting discussing how to increase the attendance at our Teacher Development Meetings (those meetings where non-teachers teach other non-teachers how to be better teachers?). Being who I am, I approached the problem with some research and creativity. I researched the Church guidlines in the SS manual, and felt that they were ambiguous. Because of this, I felt that we would have meetings for all the teachers once every quarter, instead of monthly meetings for a different group of teachers. I had taken this approach a few times in the past, and had some success, thus I advocated for this position at the meeting.

The result was strange. The bishop advised me that my reading of the handbook was a "lawyer reading", and that the instructions in the handbook meant what they said. This was foolish, as it answered the question by again begging the precise question that initiated the discussion. In other words, the Bishop said that the text meant what it meant, although he did not answer what it meant?

Anyway, I guess he used the spirit to decipher the meaning of the text, and the spirit inspired him to adopt a shitty program in favour of one that was actually working.

The result of this incident was actually positive, though, as it is likely to result in less non-teachers being improperly taught how to improperly teach by other non-teachers. Funny how this works, eh -- yeah, damn lawyers.

La said...

I had to read through your comment slowly and carefully, taking nothing for granted.

Ward Counsels suck.

Rebecca said...

What unmitigated hubris. We should egg his house.

dfb said...

My bishop is AWESOME and you people are totally bitter and blaming the church for the shortcomings of its members so you can just go off and SIN!

La said...

Hey, um, Dave? What's your bishops name?

Just wondering if you know.

Cynthia E. Bagley said...

LA.. LOL you know you have arrived when you get hate comments about SIN...

What he doesn't understand is that I am not bitter anymore... just a litle amused.

La said...

Well, Cyn, I can't say I've arrived just yet. DFB is my brother and he's just giving me crap. He's been so far out of the church for so long, he is just messing with us. :) Funny guy!

Can't wait for that first hate comment though...Maybe someday! *sigh*

Anonymous said...

It never ceases to amaze me how much the church is a bunch of hypocrites. Wear those short/shorts and be proud of it. Good luck and have fun at the Def Leppard concert, I am going to miss it in Phoenix because of a move.

Molly The Mormon said...

I hate blogs like this. I can't believe that you followers of satin try so hard to destroy the true church of God.

Nothing you do can hinder the work of true and faithful followers of Joseph Smith.

12,000,000,000 members can't be wrong.

I will pray for you all to return to the fold. We love you!!