Monday, August 21, 2006

I love my own bed!

Details? Details. Ok.

Well, we took my mother's RV down to Yuba Lake, getting there mid-afternoon on Saturday. We parked right on the north beach. Our friends (four other couples) had all been there the night before too, so they already had the camping "look". :) Three more couples arrived shortly after we did, but only one of those couples stayed the night.

The water level is much higher than it was the last time we went there. With 2 winters of great snowpacks, it's no wonder! We didn't really want to go out on the boat, so instead we put the baby to sleep in the camper and enjoyed some quiet time. The sun was out, the water was comfortable, and I was on the cusp of a sublime experience. Unfortunately, I had downed two beers pretty soon after arriving, and that moment kept getting interrupted by violent bathroom urges. Oh well, it was still a nice time.

The nighttime was spectacular. You could see every damn star in the sky. The Milky Way was prominent, as there were no clouds to confuse it with. Amazing. My friend was feeling a bit down, so she and I took a tequila shot, stripped down naked, and walked casually into the dark water. Yet again, here was a moment which should have been extremely serene and sacred. But soon it became a novelty. More people joined us, it became sexually natured and I lost the moment for the second time that day.

I'd like to say it was just a party the whole time. Unfortunately there was drama and drunkenness and a baby around to keep it from being perfect. We still really enjoyed ourselves, and we want to go back again soon, with both kids, for a day trip or something. It's the perfect temperature right now: nice and warm in the day and cold at night. That temperature. :)

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Joseph's Left One said...

My moments always get spoiled too. Dang it. Glad you had fun.