Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What to do in case of erection lasting 4 hours or more:

Call your friends!

Ok so I got some tv watching in tonight. It's all ED drugs and top ten lists and bad reality tv ads. I haven't been missing much, is what I've realized.

Top Ten Movies I have to see:

The Mission (still on the must-see list from like 10 years ago)
Superman Returns
Mission Impossible 3
Lady in the Water (not caring about my bro's review)
Clerks 2
Miami Vice (if only to see the 'stache)
The Devil Wears Prada (yeah, I read a good review)
Pirates of the Caribbean 2
You, Me and Dupree (Owen, the funnier Wilson)
My Super Ex-girlfriend (Luke, the hotter Wilson)

The list could go on and on!! I really need to see some movies.


Saint'n said...

I don't see a problem with a "4 hour or more erection". I've had mine since I was like 12.

Miami Vice is definately a must see, and I totally agree that the 'stache is the main draw (oh yeah, I usually like Michael Mann's films)

MattMan said...

I have Lady in the Water on my list too. My oldest daughter likes watching scary movies with me. Well, I use the word "likes" loosely. It's kind of weird -- she'll be all excited about watching it, but when it gets scary, she'll hide her eyes and clamp on to me like an iron claw, then she'll have trouble sleeping, etc. lol. It's funny, really. :)

I really like M. Night Shyamalan (he's the director of Lady in the Water for those who don't know) -- he's very Hitchcock-esque and I love the "art" of his films. The Village was awesome, and a great subliminal jab at fundamentalist religions, like mormonism, to boot.

Oh, and the obligatory comment about the 4 hour erection because you know I just can't let that go.

For the female crowd, a 4 hour erection would have a similar feel as 4 hours of super-hard nipples, multiplied probably by a factor of 10. It's not a good thing, and although I've never had one last that one, I suspect having sex would be pretty painful at that point, so calling a friend wouldn't help.

For the guys out there -- if you have an erection that's lasting more than like 15 minutes (unless you're actively involved in hanky panky or will be soon), for crying out loud just grab hold and get 'er done. There's nothing to be ashamed of, really. You don't want to know the pain of a prolonged erection. I've only caught a glimpse myself, and it's not a place I want to return to.

La said...

Uhm, thanks for the graphics, Matt. That just is another nitch in my "What I know about Erections" belt. :)

Sideon said...

I've seen more television this week than in the last several years put together. On Comedy Central, I'm particularly incredulous at the latter evening "Girls Gone Wild" ads.

The movie line-up sounds good. One of the last movies that I remember at a theatre was "Brokeback Mountain." Did I mention that I just saw "E.T." just a year or so ago?

How can I NOT talk about erections? I can't not. Why the threshold for four hours? Why not six? Personally, I think a few hours of erectitude is great - sexual tension of want, desire, versus resolution. And what about staying hard for round two?

La said...

...not fair...no talking about that... UGH. I will NOT be turned on by my blog. It's a matter of principle.