Monday, August 07, 2006

Just Another Mandoo-ic Monday

I would like to give a heart-felt apology for monopolizing the blogosphere today with my mention of writing erotica. Sorry all you people (Doug) haven't had the floods of hits/comments today like you do on normal boring days. Ok really I haven't had that many hits today. Not any more than normal, anyway. Oh well.

Today I bought my Def Leppard outfit. We're seeing them (and Journey) in concert on the 16th, and I needed something rocker-chick. So I bought a bunch of stuff, including a shirt with a dragonfly on it. TOO cute. Rebecca told me randomly today that my eyes are exotic. I've always wanted exotic eyes... I'll post a pic as soon as my techno husband can resize and cut and stuff.

Oh I have to dedicate a portion of this post to my lovely sister in law, Mandoo. She's TBM and bootie-licious. She is a faithful reader and learner-about-Laura, and she accepts me and my exmormonness even though it's hard. So that makes her the best EVER. It's good to be accepting, and I'm going to try and stop making blanket statements because they're inaccurate and dumb.

Ok, now it's time for more erotic story writing. P.S. I'll save Mandoo the disgust of reading a non-joking account of smut written by me. Even though she'd like it. ;)


Rebecca said...

Yeah, your eyes are cool. Sorry about the gigantic file size - I have NO IDEA how not have huge picture files.

Montgomery Q said...

Let's get to reading your eroticfgl SOrRy it's hard to type with these little chunks of partially digested breakfast and bile all over my desktop and keyboard.

You need to have a seperate blog dedicated to your erotica so that people that dont want to read it can not have the chance of reading it. If you don't I will be forced to write some about Tom and Robin and post it into your comments section so many times you will not be able to keep up with the deletion.

mandoo said...

Gotta mention mah butt.

I'm a TBM? Terrific....Bowel Movement? That doesn't seem nice, but ok. Sorry I know how you don't like poo comments.

That was really nice, La. Made me all teary-eyed. Thank you.

La said...

Actually it's Totally Bitchin Mandoo.

Or something like that...

The Sinister Porpoise said...

Well, if Erotica sweeps through Outer Blogness, I'll know who to blame.

C.L. Hanson said...

It's funny how a little mention of erotica brings in those search engine hits, isn't it? ;-)

I just posted a blog entry entitled "topless on the beach" (that was all full of serious feminist theory and hardly any erotica at all!!! ;-) ), and when I checked my blog stats two minutes later, I'd already gotten two click-throughs on nudity-related blog searches... lol