Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mood Changers

There are 3 things in this world that instantly switch my mood. Or make it even better. Does everyone have these? All you have to do is see/hear it and suddenly the world is a brighter place. You know me pretty well if you know my 3 things. But I'm going to share one of them with the blog world. Ready? It's really neat...!


Here's a cool pic I found at a photgraphy gallery website. It's of a twelve spotted skimmer, or Libellula pulchella.
Isn't it beautiful? A couple of weeks ago I was outside on my deck at dusk. Suddenly a whizzing sound rushed past my head. As I turned my head upward I saw 3 or 4 dragonflies speeding about in circles around our back yard. Dinnertime, no doubt. They were amazing! With their speed and agility, they seem like small birds.

That was a great evening.


Mom said...

Yes, I do know what it is like to have one little thing that lightens my life. I look at picture I have of my grandkids, I see their smiles and boy, does my heart pitterpat! Of course it also makes me sad to know I can't just hug and squeeze them the way I like and cover them with kisses. Okay, I did not do this to make you sad for me, but I can also sit myself in a beautiful spot and enjoy the earth, moon, sky, mountains, lakes (etc) wherever I may be. i take in the wonders of the natural Universe, no matter how changed by us humans and thank GOD for those blessings I have, my family and friends. "THEY ARE SO WONDERFUL TO ME"!

Hope you have a good day.

Mom said...

OH! and THANK YOU for them, too!

DFB said...

What's so great about dragonflies? They're kind of creepy. And they have the word DRAGON in their name! Dragons are evil. Remember when Bilbo Baggins had to kill a dragon? That dude sure didn't brighten anybody's day, I can tell you that!

La said...

It's kind of like that guy you see everywhere you go walking down the street. There's just something about them.

Eight Hour Lunch said...

The song of a meadowlark, especially at the beginning of spring.

Just one of many said...

For me it's the unexpected hug from my 9 year old at the end of the day, especially when I've had to ream him all day!