Friday, August 11, 2006

Ramblings of one crazed with boredom....

It's a Friday night. Ah, Fridays. I used to think Friday was better than Saturday, because I could party all night Friday then sleep in on Saturday. Back then I couldn't stay up all night on a Saturday because I'd have to wake up early for church on Sunday.

Now? Saturday rocks. Saturday kicks Friday to the curb. Friday doesn't stand a chance.

Can't wait for tomorrow night. It's bound to be better than tonight... ;)


Joseph's Left One said...

I thought tonight was nice. :-)

Rebecca said...

I hope so! I'm writing this from an airport in Phoenix, where my plane has a stopover. In Phoenix. Lame. I was hoping for someplace a little, um, FARTHER. Anyway, I'm tired, paranoid that my computer will get broken in the overhead bin, and paranoid that my other bag will be stolen since I left it one the plane during the stopover. I could just email this, but I think I'd rather leave a comment that's all about ME on your blog. By the way, they were doing random checks of carry-ons, but searching ALL the checked-in luggage! Go figure. My carryon got randomly checked. But the lady said she only did it to look like she was doing her job. She didn't even pull anything out. And I'm ending this now. And posting it without checking for typos.