Thursday, July 27, 2006

Welcome to my 80th post

I really should hold off any celebration until like 100 or something, but since it's my blog I can party when I want to.

Do you realize that I've averaged more writing here on my blog than in any previous journal? Plus when I take time to read my old journals I'm mostly embarrassed that I wasted time saying those things. I am proud of what I've had to say in this forum. I'm excited by my thoughts and feelings. I guess I feel like I'm growing up.

Life is great right now. You have to appreciate the time you've got--which is now--because living for "the next life" is plain ridiculous and you never know when this time might end. I'm happy I've learned that lesson!


Joseph's Left One said...

Congratulations on 80. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. Have I mentioned I think you're great?

C.L. Hanson said...


Great reason to celebrate!!!

You're right that blogging is even funner than journals. Plus, it's easier to keep up with it because with a journal, if you just let it slide for a few months or years nobody knows the difference... ;-)

Sideon said...


How... do you know how many posts you have on your blog? Is there a setting somewhere that shows? A number? An add on thingee?

I think I'm in the 150+ range, but not sure. I'm definitely lazy and don't want to count!

Rebecca said...

I'm with Sideon - I don't want to count. Is there another way to find out?

I LOVE your 80th post!!! It's AWESOME!!! There are so many awesome movies coming out this fall/winter, and I'm way over-excited about that!

Your blog rocks! YAY FOR LA!!!

Just one of many said...

Way to go!! I am on my 5th. The thing about bloggs is that you get a response; whereas, journaling is one sided!! Growing is great, and i enjoy every blog you publish!! Keep'em comin!

Eric said...

Just checked my own.

I had 12 posts under Epik Speaks His Mind.

I had 40 posts under Formons.

I had 1 post on a blog none of you have ever seen.

And I have 29 posts on A New Eric.

That's 82. hmmmm....

BTW, it's easy to see how many posts you've had. Trust me.