Wednesday, July 26, 2006

25th of July aka War on Jell-o

The sweet smell of cigar is still on my hands and shirt, and the taste is still in my mouth. There's nothing like sitting in the back yard, on a cool summer evening, with great friends and great conversation, enjoying a nice cigar. It's funny how no matter what, though, the topic always gets steered back to sex.

Exmos rock. Literally, there was a keyboard, bass, drums and guitar, and all of them were being played fantastically. Exmos really rock. I need to work on my lyrical skills, because I kept trailing off. Singing is very fun for me, and I wanted to sing, but it's stupid when you have to fill in the blanks with phrases like, "La, la, la, I don't know this line..." or "making up songs, is what I do best, cause I don't know the words, to songs that are real".

Every one of you non-Utahns needs to come to visit. The reason for this gathering tonight was because a guy (Hank Rearden on the Aimoo community and Exmoso) was in town from New Jersey, and he wanted to party with us cool people. So what I'm saying is this: visit us and we will throw a kick-ass party for you. Or not, if you're one of the shy, stay at home, types. We'll still have fun.

K, I'm nearly asleep, so I better stop writing. Speaking of writing, I'm getting jealous of all you bloggers that come up with inspiring, emotional, thought-provoking pieces. I wanna be like you. K really, this is the end now. Right now. K now. Good night.


MattMan said...

I can almost conjure the smell of cigar at any time. It takes me back to my childhood, sitting next to my dad, the avid cigar lover, as he puffed away -- blowing the occasional cloud in my direction as a mosquito repellant. Sitting there, taking in the smell of cigar (just manageable whiffs, not overwhelming choke), chilling on his porch, or under the shade tree in his backyard, or down in musty basement -- nursing a can of beer. Funny how smells can trigger memories.

Montgomery Q said...

Cigars. Cigarettes. Smoking.

You know what's neat about cigars? They give you the chance to suck smoke and different types of poison into your lungs, while worsening your smell.

"You just don't cause the church tells you it's bad"

No, I don't smoke because when I see someone that does, I think they look dumb. And I am correct. The fact that smoking is retarded is a fact so solid and hard in truth that you could build a universe on its foundation. I want my bones encased in the metal smelted from this truth. I would be indestructible.

If anyone disagrees with this comment, it is because you are retarded and can't comprehend things well. Laura D. I love you. Lots. Don't be dumb.

Christy said...

Hey Laura! Last night was a great night, wasn't it? I had so much fun and was so glad that you and your hubby were able to come! I hope we get to hang with you guys again very soon-- it's been too long!

And for the record, I personally think smoking cigars and cigarettes are very seperate things. Cigars are for the taste and the buzz, you don't actually inhale the smoke into your lungs. I hear that makes people throw up.

Anyway, great post!

The next story about your cousin is heartbreaking. I didn't hear you talk about that, how tragic. I'm so sorry that your family had to deal with such a situation. I wish no one would ever have to. :(

Gunner said...

I linked to this post in this weeks Carnival of the Veil.