Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sincere Apologies

My nasty brother and his nasty wife can't lay off the comment section on this blog. I try very hard to keep up with deleting their vileness, but if you happen to run across something that's either deeply obscene or foul, please know that I don't condone it. In this setting.

I should start another blog, just for that side of my personality. This is getting ridiculous.

K bye.

**Side note**
You may think the tone of this blog is mean and unforgiving. It's SO not. There's no one I'd rather talk dirty with than my Mandoo and Paulbrowning. In fact, I may just go snuggle with them tonight so they know I'm not mad at them. Ok, really, k bye.


mandi said...

Ummm.....I had nothing to do with it. Just a bystander on this one. And if he says differently, he's LYING. You should know that by now!!

La said...

HAHA Yeah, RIGHT. Keep telling yourself that... ;)

Sideon said...

I'm curious what I've been missing, perverted comment-wise! :)

Montgomery Q said...

You may think the tone of this fart is mean and unforgiving

mandi said... front of our kids - YES.

"In this setting" - NO.

Got it.

mandi said...

I'm not mad - just had to make that point.

Snuggling is still accepted and encouraged. :)