Monday, July 17, 2006

"God hasn't given up on you"

I just read JLO's new post. He talks about not being able to trust any particular mindview, because they're all based on feelings, and he doesn't trust his intuition anymore. But here, my friends, is the solution to that conundrum:

Don't give up on God. God hasn't given up on you. Well, at least I THINK he hasn't. I'll have to ask him to be sure, which means I'll speak my thoughts out loud and see what feeling I get afterwards.

< /sarcasm >

It's freakin hilarious to me that of all the posts where he got a Mormon response, this was it. A Mormon response is so totally and completely irrelevant to what JLO is feeling right now! JLO is grasping here. He's looking for something tangible. He's needing assurance that he can, indeed, trust himself, despite years of disillusion in the mormon church. This is his path of self-discovery, which cannot be understood by a TBM. The only self-reflection a TBM gives to himself is to wonder how straight and narrow is his way, or how many commandments he needs to "work on".

K rant over. *sigh*


Rebecca said...

Seriously. So self-righteous. And yes, I know that not EVERY TBM is self-righteous and horrible, but sometimes it sure seems that way.

DFB said...

Giving up on God is like taking a giant crap: the meal was satisfying, and it gave you a few things you needed, but you didn't need the bulk of it, and if you don't get rid of the rest, you'll just ache. Getting rid of it feels so good.

Eight Hour Lunch said...

Well of course God hasn't given up on me. Neither has Zeus or the giant pink unicorn behind the moon. It's hard to give up on something WHEN YOU DON'T EXIST. :P