Monday, July 10, 2006

Living Into Our Futures

Last week, at a therapy session, our "life-coach" talked with us about a concept called Living Into Your Future. The basic idea is that you decide what you want for yourself in the future, and start acting like it will happen. When you put your energy into an idea, it will naturally come to pass. It was sort of a Karma discussion, in not-so-mystic terms.

So here's my first effort at living into my future. Here are the things that I personally want for myself, and things that I'm going to put energy into.

1- Living debt-free

2- Getting a college degree (Teaching Math or English is sounding interesting right now)

3- Having more patience, compassion and positivity as a parent

So there you have it. And there I have it. In print. Out for the universe to see. Ok, here we go...


Sideon said...

I think the universe listens when we put energy out there.

Things happen fast.

Or they happen when it's right for you.

Or both.

You'd be an excellent teacher.

Rebecca said...

Agreed - you'd be an awesome teacher. You just have this great energy - I think you're one of those people that other people just want to be around and listen to. I think that Living Into Your Future is great advice! I'll have to think about that. I love that you're doing this - it takes EFFORT to do it, but I have no doubt you'll get there!