Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wanted: New Place of Employment

My dear, dear husband needs a different job. If I were to write his resume for him, it would go a little something like this:

He's really smart; he knows retail frontwards and backwards; he is a passionate salesperson; he had oodles of management experience; he basically RAN the community education program for UVSC; and he's really cute too. Though not formally trained, he knows computers like he knows his own hand. He has experience in building them from scratch, networking, trouble-shooting, word processors/spread sheets, Illustrator/Photoshop, a bit of html and programming, and basically can do anything that anyone needs him to do. Did I mention that he's cute? He's tall too, which comes in handy when light bulbs need replacing. Or to turn on very high ceiling fans.

What kind of job would that get him? A good one, with somewhat respectful employers, I hope!!!

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Rebecca said...

Hey, the computer stuff should get him something good! Lots of employers don't care if there's formal training - just KNOWING the stuff is good enough. I think. Maybe you shouldn't take my word for this. Have you looked on craigslist under computer jobs? If there's not a section for computers, just do a search for "computer" on the left and choose "jobs." You probably know this already. Whatever. It sounds like he's really qualified for a lot of stuff, so I hope you get some better advice than what I just gave you. I'm just not job-experienced enough to know what he should look for. The End.