Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Days blur into nights into days...

This summer is flying by. Half over! And I have yet to go on a vacation. Blast it!

I've been very fatigued lately, so I went to see the doctor this morning. They are doing some bloodwork, which will be back in a couple of days, but he's fairly certain it's hypothyroidism. Last year a different doctor told me I had low thyroid levels, so thus, the new doctor's confidence.

UVSC's website isn't cooperating, so there's no news on the degree front. A co-worker of my husband's is just starting that program too, this fall. I think I'll talk to him about what it entails. See what info he can give me. I should go to U of U. I always wanted to! I love love love their football team!!! Isn't that reason enough?!?

Ok I'm going to do a bit of research about the U. :) Peace out, on this hump day!!!


Sideon said...

I'm glad you went to the doctor to get checked out.

When will you hear the lab results?

Just one of many said...

Chasing the kids always tires me out! I couldn't imagine doing it with a wacked thyroid...u r tough!
Enjoy your blogs, it's nice knowing there are others who are "formons". Me and my husbands just recently made the exit! Still, hurt, and bewildered, but I guess it is all part of the journey.