Saturday, July 22, 2006

Saturday, shmaturday

I know none of you life-having people read blogs over the weekends. But oh freakin well. I just decided to sit down and say What up? to all you good people.

Since I started making a regular occurance out of going to Starbucks on Sunday (all, what, two whole weeks of that now??), I've had a couple of mid-week cravings for coffee. I've resisted them because it's a million degrees outside, and the last thing I want is a HOT drink.

Well it's still Saturday morning right now. The heat of the day hasn't set in yet, and our swamp cooler (be damned) is still keeping the house fairly cool. So I made a pot of coffee. Yep, I sure did. Some non-fat creamer and splenda were added, and now I'm enjoying--which is the key word--my first cup of homemade coffee. The dirt taste isn't so bad anymore.

I find it amusing how my tastes are evolving. I think I heard the phrase, "It's an acquired taste" about 1400 times regarding beer, liquor, coffee, and tea. Tea came as a natural like for me. But in regards to the others, I would just chuckle to myself and think, "Well, I've tried them all and you're flat out wrong." Heeheehee...

Oh, me of little faith! I must be surely losing the Spirit of Truth, because the further away from the church I feel, the more tasty the urine-flavored beer and dirt-flavored coffee are to me. Perhaps it's the opening I've left in my soul for the devil to dwell in. He's made himself nice and cozy in that nitch. With every sip of this coffee I can FEEL the mischievous grin slide across his evil devil face.

Bottom's up! Oh, and a toast to the caffeine high. On which the devil thrives. :)


Rebecca said...


Sideon said...

Iced coffee. On hot days like today (I think it's supposed to get up to 108 here?), why not have the best of both worlds... the coolness of iced coffee with the delicious buzz of caffeine.

I'm going for cup #2 now.

Oh - congratulations on your first home-made coffee!

La said...

**anal-retentive correction** (haha I said anal)

I've MADE coffee at home before. I've just never enjoyed it. There's a HUGE difference! ;)

Mom said...

Iced coffee is SO GOOOOOOOD!!!!!!
A Cafe Carmel Grande at the Beanery is the best! It's topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings and it is SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD!!!!!

You need to try one, at least one you might like, They are cooling on a hot afternoon. Just remember, they double brew the coffees, so you are getting an extra jolt of caffine, but I found that since, I can drink regular coffee cold too. The kind of coffee makes a difference too! Light, medium and Dark roast. I like the medium roast and the finer the ground, the more flavor you get in a pot of coffee.

Just one of many said...

I've only been blogging for about 3 weeks, but I think I am addicted. Add that to the long list of delightful non-mo things I've been enjoying---diet coke, margaritas, cigars (my husband...but second hand smoke counts), tea, tantric sex, porn, but I haven't done coffee yet...the devil evidently doesn't have a hold on me yet!!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to brew a pot of coffee this morning - badly. But I didn't have the time. A week ago I wouldn't have said such a thing.


J. said...

Hey hey.... had my cappavino.. .and now I can go to bed. Came home early because of the crushing weight of my stomach on some of my innards, and made me sleepy at work.

Maybe I had too much caffeine.

Nah... my boss likes it when I am on 56 oz of coffee...

Eight Hour Lunch said...

Actually, from what I've read and from personal experience, you want to be careful about grinding the beans for too long. It can make the coffee bitter.

If you want a stronger flavor that isn't bitter, start with a good bean, grind it coarsely and add more beans to the same amount of water.

My favorite coffee? Einstien's sells a vanilla hazulnut flavored bean that is amaaaazing. If you don't like flavored beans, Millstone has a pretty good breakfast blend, and so does Starbucks.

And now that I'm taking up the entire page, one last thing. For summer, there's nothing better than a Frappacino. Of course, plan to run about ten miles after drinking one. They don't hold back on the cream and sugar.