Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Stormy Fourth and Spiderman

There are dark clouds and strong winds outside right now. I'm sort of glad we had our bbq and fireworks yesterday. They went very well; thanks for asking. ;)

You know, there are very few movies I get excited about. BUT, when I do get excited, I get freakin fanatical (k not really). We've seen the midnight showings of several movies, which include but aren't limited to: Matrix Revolutions (hated it), LOTR Return of the King (loved it), and though not a midnight showing, but an early preview, X-men 3 (eh). None of the movies I see, however, hold a candle to my love for the Spiderman series. 1, 2, and now 3. All of them. Each one keeps getting better and better. Okay, so I haven't seen the 3rd yet, but talk to me in one year and I'll be foaming at the mouth describing it. I'm glad that my hubby, Eric, posted the trailer link on his blog. Now I can access the love at any time.

In this new movie, we're counting 3 villains: Goblin returns via Harry, Sandman, and Venom. Now I didn't read the comic books, but I hear that Venom is supposed to be a burly body type. Frankly, I don't care. I'm just excited to see Peter Parker battle something other than his desire for Mary Jane. I love that he looks creepy and evil in this installment. Ooh, this year will be torture for me!!!

"ooh, the rain is falling..." --electric light orchestra


Rebecca said...

Yeah, the Spiderman series is good. I really liked the X-Men series best, although 3 -- not up to the standards of the first two. I'm pretty excited about "Pirates of the Caribbean" - yeah, I'm a dork. So what? I hear "Superman" is really good.

La said...

No self-dork comments allowed. Pirates looks really good! It's the kind of movie that I'll definately see in theater, but not at a midnight showing.

I've heard good and bad about Superman. I better put that on the see-in-theater list too.

Sideon said...

I knew I was behind on movies, but I misread and thought that Spiderman 3 was ALREADY out. Whew!

I agree with your review of movies: Matrix - ack. LOTR - rocks. Xmen - I do love them, but haven't seen the 3rd yet. It took me 20 years just to see ET, okay?

One villian I'd love to see from the Marvel world is Morbius. He'd be a kick ass dude. Though technically he's not all bad, if memory serves correctly.