Monday, July 03, 2006

3rd of July festivities

The 4th of July, freedom, and independence certainly have a more acute meaning to me this year.

Today is our day of celebration and freedom-enjoying. We are having a family BBQ at my brother's house, then we'll come back here to my house for a spectacular fireworks display. The fireworks are courtesy of me (ok, and my bro and sis) driving to Evanston, WY and purchasing highly illegal fireworks. Shh....don't tell! We're just, uh, exercising our liberty. Yep.

What are all y'all doing to celebrate your freedom?


Rebecca said...

People around here were celebrating last Saturday. I think it was the Stadium of Fire or something. People were SERIOUSLY obnoxious. They were parked all along the driveway to my apartment complex, making it nearly impossible to get in or out. I'm not feeling too festive this year - mainly just annoyed at STUPID PEOPLE!!! We should get together for coffee this week -- before I move!

Montgomery Q said...

I'm letting my facial hair reflect my liberty.

Hey, La, I said just $30.

Eric said...

Speaking for La, DEFINITELY need a coffee to-do.

Just think, you won't have to worry about obnoxious BYUheads parking in your bedroom very shortly...


Mom said...

Well, since I don't have to put up with those idiots that wait until the holiday to go to the store to shop for sundry items they could have purchased another day, I am enjoyning my DECK and cooking out with the family here to eat all the goodies we prepared and will have bunches of leftovers as usual.

We are having shrimp on the new barbie and the usual burgers and dogs, potatoe salad, 3bean salad, pickled beets, chips and fresh fruit salad (H2O melon, cantalope, cherries, strawberries and blueberries, etc) Wish you were here to help us eat. Watching the Tall ships on TV sailing the coast, I hope.

It will probably be too hot, but I am still going to enjoy my deck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!