Thursday, October 12, 2006

To Rebecca: Let's Chat over Blogs

No, actually, I didn't know that the immaculate conception was talking about Mary's conception. Okay, so her mother and father were mortal, and so by right she should've been stained with Original Sin. But she wasn't. Her soul was pure.

And what I was referring to in my last post is called Virgin Conception, or Incarnation, referring specifically to Jesus Christ. I still would love to see how that worked!!

I'm learning lots about things in which I do not believe! :)


Bishop Rick said...

Rebecca's blog is the first time I ever heard of the conception of Mary being the immaculate conception.

I always heard it was mary concieving Jesus without earthly intercourse (which I think is the trick La wants to see).

Mormons think that God the Father (Adam if you believe Brigham) had sex with Mary causing her to concieve Jesus. That explains why Jesus is half human and half God. Kind of like hercules.

Anonymous said...

I think I'd just like to watch sex, period. Whether it be between "gods" our human earthlings it's sexual "comfort food" for the soul.

It helps us connect with our most "core" feelings and desires. Not really a bad thing.

So, ya! It would be VERY interesting to see how "the gods" do it!

Just one of many said...

I find myself wasting time over these questions too! None of these questions have answers. I should be more worried about the pile of laundry that is about to overflow the laundry room!! I'll check out Rebecca's blog next. I hope your daughter had a great b-day!! :)

Rebecca said...

Lots of people think the immaculate conception refers to Jesus, and mistakenly use it that way. And Mormons aren't the only ones who believe God literally had sex with Mary - it's a pretty commonly held religious belief from what I gather. When I went to Catholic school (which is where I learned that the immaculate conception refers to Mary's conception) I got the impression that they also thought God had literally had intercourse with Mary. I'm not SURE about that, though - I could have just been assuming things. As usual.

Bishop Rick said...

Is that tequila I smell?

dwwodv - something said after consumption of tequila