Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Alex Took This...

Alex' review of San Francisco, where he visited last week:

"Chinatown smells bad. Mom didn't like Ghirardelli's as much as she should have. They should get a machine to turn the cable cars around. A funny bird is the pelican."

San Francisco Skyline

The Rock


Sister Mary Lisa said...

love the photos!

Rebecca said...

What the HELL??? WHY is the kid a genius?!?! (muttering) Jesus Christ on a cross... (which, by the way, I bet Alex could have captured REALLY well on camera)

Christy said...

I'm in love with these photos. They're worthy of blowing up and framing and hanging on the wall. Spectacular!

Mom said...

Really good Photos again.

Should check out magazines like Borders or Barnes and Nobel for Photography Mags and photo contests.

Sideon said...


It looks COLD.

I'm going back to my knitting.

Who's Alex?