Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Monday October 11, 1999

Seven years ago exactly (about 10 am EST) I was headed down to the hospital in Raleigh NC because I had an amnionic fluid leak, and my doctor told me he wanted to check it out. I was 1 day overdue with my first baby. The doctor took an ultrasound, but the baby was too big to determine the gender. He thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and induce me, just to be on the safe side regarding the leak.

So I walked from his office into the hospital and checked in. The nurse started me on nubane, which is a narcotic. I didn't know this at the time about myself, but narcotics + me = sleep. I spent most of the day in a half-asleep catatonic state. They had also started me on a pitocin drip, which makes contractions come hard and strong. Ouchies. But I was drugged up, so mostly I was just annoyed that this Pain kept waking me out of my stupor. I requested an epidural.

Well that worked. No pain, relaxing sleep, I was a happy camper.

Within 12 hours of driving to see the doctor that morning, I was pushing my first child out of my body. A living being came from inside me. WEIRD! Eric was standing on my right side, watching the whole thing. I could feel enough to know when the baby was out, and the doctor declared, "It's a GIRL!" I looked at Eric who had tears streaming down his face. They placed my daughter on my chest, all yucky and covered in gook, and I met my little tiny sweet girl for the first time.

Eric called his parents, who were bowling that night with their league. He talked to his mom, and told her it was a girl. This was the first girl on their side of the family, so I could hear her squeal in delight. She yelled to my father-in-law "It's a GIRL!!!" and I could hear him shout hooray in the background. They were at the hospital within the hour to see their baby granddaughter.

Today that wonderful girl is 7. She's on a field trip with her first grade class. She can tie her shoes, has beautiful handwriting, and she loves to give hugs and kisses. She likes to read. She loves to ride her bike. She's growing up before our eyes; she's no longer the helpless little bundle, all wrapped up in her blanket and warm. She's getting so big! :)


Anonymous said...

That brought a tear to my eye. My little girl will be five in December and I think about those same things you so eloquently wrote about. Happy Birthday to your daughter and throw a bitchin' party for her, ok you can take out the bitchin' part.

Mom said...

Yeah! We were overjoyed. Dad literally jumped for joy! He always wanted a girl!
She is such a sweetheart and everytime I look at her pictures I just SMILE. Brandt is cutie patootie as well. LVE YOU ALL!


Christy said...

Happy birthday to your sweet girl! Having personally met her, I can attest to what a beautiful, sweet, and smart girl she is.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

I love what you wrote. So many first one, my dad (who was a pharmaceutical rep) told the docs to give me Stadol, a pseudo narcotic too, and it made me sleep. Boy was I out of it! The photos from that time are locked in an armed vault.

Anyway, you think time goes by fast? My son is now as tall as me (5'9") and I can hardly believe my youngest is almost 9! Kids are such a blessing!

Have a great b-day celebration!

Sideon said...

**singing (more like bellowing)**

Happy Birthday to Lindsay, Happy Birthday to Lindsay! Happy BIRTHDAY dear Lindsay, Happy Birthday to her!


Simeon's Peep Stone said...

That's great! My daughter just turned 7 on the 6th. Maybe they were in line together before they came down. Daughters are awesome.

Montgomery Q said...

This s my favorite post youve ever written. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

One other thought, what about dinner last night with your Mormon neighbors?

Christy said...

Arizona Expositor said...
One other thought, what about dinner last night with your Mormon neighbors?

What he said. Eric teased us, and I tried to respond to him on his blog, but then he deleted that post. Hmph!