Sunday, October 29, 2006

The After

It's funny to me that I'm starting this post when I don't even have suitable After picture yet. I need to hang the potato sack back up on the hanger and take a pic. I'm sure as people arise from the severe-partying-coma over the next few days that I'll see some pictures of me IN the costume, possibly innebriated. If I find one I approve of, I'll post it.

So for now, please be satisfied with a description of the alterations, and a couple of semi-relevant pictures.

I widened the neckline and it kept falling off my shoulders. So to compensate, I put a couple of tiny pleats in the front, and I really should've ironed them so they actually looked like pleats. I took it in about 5 inches on each side and still it was too big. I put slits up each side, which served well for showing off my choice of undies for the evening.

This is a picture which should give more detail as to my costume of choice. It is, naturally, Cleopatra. This is before I danced my brains out and got sweaty-hot and my hair curled. Oh, and it's before my make-up smudged all over my eyes. I looked pretty harsh this morning, I must say!

This is a picture of the delicious Black Forest cake I made for the party. From scratch. With Kirsch liqueur and everything. It was tasty!!


from the ashes said...

great costume! and great cake. Those are my favorite--only from scratch, of course. But I haven't made one since my awakening, so I've never tried kirsch. I'll have to get around to that.

Sideon said...

Cleopatra wore undies? :)

The pics are great. I look forward to more!

My alcohol tolerance is back up. Six Cosmopolitans last night and barely broke the "buzzed" phase. No dancing. It was a mellow costume party :) No one's robe ended up over their head or on the floor.

Shiree said...

Hey cutie. I'm trying, but I can't remember seeing any undies on you last night.

Plus, I'm really bummed because I didn't get a chance to taste your cake! I think you should post the picture of your face in close proximity to my "girls" I believe it was taken with Michelle's camera. She emailed it to me today, and all I'm sayin' is you need to see it!

Eric said...


You didn't see them because of her choice of undies! ;)


Shiree said...

Yeah, I know....but I still had to look.

So Laura, is it okay with you if I post some pictures on cherry?

Rebecca said...

There's a place in France where the ladies wear no pants. There's a hole in the wall where the boys can see it all.

La said...


I (Cleopatra) had on MINIMAL underwear, which I gladly showed off, even when stone-cold sober. I just liked my bum, alright??

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Great photo, La, and also the cake looks yummy. Now I'm hungry. And it's only 9am.

Thunderchops said...

Tasty tasty.

The cake was pretty good as well.

Just one of many said...

I am dealing with a MASSIVE hangover as well! I vaguely remember leaving the bar...enough said! My friend the DD for the night was a gem and I owe her bigtime!