Monday, October 02, 2006

And on the first day, there was rest.

The weekend was fun. It feels like we were constantly on the go, though. Today we'll sit back, relax, and not concern ourselves with the world outside our house. Okay, but to be fair, my family always spontaneously comes up with things, so my plans of nothing might just go awry.

Here's a question I ask just to humor myself. But I DO expect a reply! *angry eyebrows*

If you were God, or had god-like omnipotence, what would you change about THIS day? This one, right now?



Sideon said...

2 day work week, 5 day weekends.

'Nuff said.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

The thought of me having god-like omnipotence makes me think...

I'm getting a little verklempt! If only Barbra were here! She's like BUTTAH! Talk amongst yourselves...

La said...

Oops! I forgot to say what I'd do!

If I were omnipotent, I'd turn my house into the beach by Lake Tahoe that Ross described beautifully in an earlier comment.

I'd spend all day in the sun; I'd drink fruity drinks; maybe I'd go for a swim; I'd definitely eat delicious food. Yep, that's what I'd do. :)

Sister Mary Lisa said...

I'd have a nice custom home with high ceilings and a beautiful view of the sky here in Montana. I'd have a full studio full of north light so I could paint masterpieces at my leisure. I'd devote more time to my kids and their lives.

But this is all obtainable, if I work hard enough. I'm not sure I'd actually WANT to know everything and be all-powerful. I once thought I knew everything and it made me kinda bitchy and holier-than-thou.

Anonymous said...

I would drive down to Saline Valley and soak up the sun and warmth all day.

Then, I would jump into the beautiful natural hot springs out in the middle of absolutely nowhere, look up at the deepest black night sky with stars all ablaze and melt into the surroundings.

It would be sublime, blissful, sensual and relaxing.

Some of the places I go people talk about the "default world" which is the one we spend our time in most everyday, as opposed to the "real world" which is the one which WE would design for ourselves.

I do have the chance to dwell in my "real world" more and more these days, but not often enough thats for damn sure! It is helpful to occasionally think about it though so that we can make our "default world" more closely resemble our "ideal" on a day to day basis.

Ross (who isn't going to Tahoe today because it's about 58 degrees and overcast... not the kind of weather to "commune with nature") ;-)


montchan said...

The money that I spent today on my botox and laser treatment, I would make it magically re-appear in my account.

Bull said...

I know that the world is full of problems, but first on my list would be to help my dad find his car keys. I need to keep those faith promoting stories coming or people will start to doubt my existence.

Molly The Mormon said...

Joseph Smith would be walking the world as one of the 4 Nephites and I would be walking hand in hand with him giving everyone in the whole world a Book of Mormon.


Molly the Mormon

Anonymous said...

OMG !!! Pardon me for interjecting myself her... but MOLLY baby.

Every f$*&^ing rock star has their own groupies. So... have you *had* him yet? If so please share. :-O

Rebecca said...

I'd make the clouds out of pink cotton candy, and the dad I work for would actually GO TO WORK, and I'd be able to fly, and to be invisible, and I'd be able to teleport like Hiro on "Heroes," because he's awesome, and I'd turn everyone's jewelry into Cheerios and Froot Loops, and I'd make my hair straight, and I'd turn bullets into daisies and knives into chocolate cake, and I'd turn all dogs into chocolate cake, and I'd turn war into chocolate cake.

La said...

You guys have ideas that sound wonderful to me. Oh, and Ross, I could totally change the weather if I were omnipotent. Upper 80's baby!! :)

No Botox for me... But I do use "snake venom" on my lips. Also, I just heard of some stuff that topically applies collagen to lips, which I wanna try. But how would that help to plump them? I dunno.

Sounds like a grrreat plan. I'd stop believing in you though, if that were your priority. ;)

Hey!! I made a cake the other day. AND microwave popcorn. I thought of you, and knew you'd be proud...

WOW!! All in one day. Impressive.

I really need to watch Heroes. I wanted to when I saw the ads, but I just never have the freakin thing on, so I totally forget. Maybe they'll start showing reruns soon. You never know. :)

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Heroes was great again last night. I really really like that show! Check the internet, they mentioned at the end of it that if you missed the episode you can view it online or on a channel or something.

Just one of many said...

Damnit I missed the opportunity to respond yesterday!! If I was a goddess for a day, I would rewind time so I could have participated in this fun chat!!