Monday, October 23, 2006

My Monday

I have someone over at my house. His name is Tommy. Tommy is 5 years old, and he's in Kindergarten. We are having a lot of fun. He ate breakfast, he put on a movie but he's not watching it, and he investigated all my chinese stuff.

We've had discussions about how coffee is a diuretic, how chinese calligraphers perform their craft, about Buddha, how a flame of a candle goes out when oxygen is removed, and bacon and sausages.

And his dad dropped him off.

Tommy thinks this is good, and we should publish it now. :)

(I'm watching him for a friend today, and we're having fun talking. This kid is very well spoken so I enjoy our chats. I'm forming another thought to blog about, but this was fun for us to do together...)


Sideon said...

That sounds like a fantastic morning. Did you have coffee??

Here, there's a fly buzzing around the office that didn't die over the weekend. It's particularly attracted to the gel in my hair, but has someone survived the spikes of the new 'do. There are pounds and pounds of Halloween candy everywhere, which I'm avoiding, though the M&M's are looking delicious. The fucktard boss is running around, which lends further evidence that the living dead do exist.

I'm nervous about posting part I of the story that I haven't finished. Gah.

Sideon said...

ack = above sentence should read "somehow survived" instead of "someone survived". ACK!

Christy said...

I responded to this earlier but I guess it didn't send?? weird. Anyway...

Tommy is quite possibly the coolest 5 year old boy I know. You are lucky to get to spend time with him! He gets to pick which of my daughters he wants to marry. Shree's son gets to pick the other. I am so diplomatic. :)

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Sounds like an interesting morning! Good for you!

Jer said...

Curse you beta-blogger for eating my comments.

Anyways, small children with large vocabularies crack me up. I always chuckle when our daughters use "actually" or "certainly" when playing with their toys.

Rebecca said...

Coffee is a diurAWESOME!